37 Cute Gender Neutral Kids Room Decoration

Whether you have a young brother and sister sharing a bedroom, have a child who prefers a gender-neutral bedroom theme, or simply want to avoid the stereotypical “blue for boys, pink for girls” decorating tradition, there are lots of ways to decorate a neutral bedroom that any boy or girl would love. Just because a room doesn’t declare, “I’m a boy!” or “I’m a girl!” doesn’t mean it can’t be cute, colorful, individualized and functional.

If you have a son and daughter sharing a bedroom, the easiest way to make the space appealing to both children is to use a neutral palette for walls, flooring and furniture, then add pops of color with bedding and accessories. Letting each child choose his or her own bedding, artwork for the wall over the headboard and one or two accessories makes it clear who belongs on each side of the room, and helps prevent squabbling between young siblings.

Sure, pink or blue nurseries are traditional. And yes, green and yellow are common substitutes when parents choose not to find out their baby’s sex ahead of time. But wow, go further and you’ll find there’s a wide world of fantastic color schemes for nurseries out there, such as the brown, red and blue palette shown here.

Not only is it stimulating and fun for a baby, it’s still going to work when that baby turns into a toddler, then an elementary-age child and even into the teen years. Have fun with pattern in your baby’s nursery. The striped ceiling and striped area rug in this room add so much whimsy, while the wall-size world map is an unexpected, yet wonderful, addition to the space.

One of the joys of childhood is free-flowing imagination, so why not take advantage of the chance to have some fun by decorating your child’s room with a favorite theme? There are many that are gender-neutral, such as the cute tropical insect theme shown here.

Other ideas popular with many children of both genders include animals both wild and tame, forests, oceans, cityscapes, space, stripes or polka dots, western life or cartoon and movie characters such as Harry Potter or Winnie the Pooh for the younger set. Creating a theme doesn’t have to be super elaborate. A few easy accessories and bedding that works the theme are really all you need.

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