38 Creative and Functional DIY Bathroom Storage

Don’t let clutter take over your bathroom. There are a lot of amazing storage and organization solutions with a bit of creativity. These ideas will help you stay organized, whether your bathroom is large or small. Look at this collection and try to make some creative and functional DIY bathroom storage projects for your home. We hope you find our gallery helpful. You can find complete tutorials some of them on the linked sources.

Everyone of us very often need just a little more space in the bathroom. We usually don’t have big storage area and we don`t have where to put all our stuff. Sometimes the solution is in front of our eyes, but we don`t see it.

We present you a dozen of creatively DIY ideas to wake up your sense for crafts. Make a perfect bathroom where all your stuff will be complete neat and it will look elegant and fancy. These DIY projects are for all, you only need a simple equipment and good imagination.

Organizing your bathroom can be complicated. You have to worry about space, hygiene and placement in a way that suits your family’s style but is also functional for everyday use. If your bathroom is small or cramped, that’s another hurdle to overcome.

There are a few things to consider when thinking about organization in a tiny bathroom. Are you taking advantage of the entire space? Are you hanging, hooking, shelving and stacking things both horizontally and vertically? Can you do something more efficiently?

For example, instead of folding your towels, can you roll them? Is your design actually functional? Will you use it? Will your kids use it? It’s pointless to install clever shelves and hooks if they’ll be ignored by your family.

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