39 Best Faux Fur Decor Ideas

Go for a throw – Invest in a faux-fur throw, which will see you through winter and make your bed as snuggle-some as possible. If you can find the perfect versatile shade, all the better, as you’ll invariably be dragging it through to the living room, too.

A soft, luxurious alternative to real fur, faux fur looks and feels so much like the real thing that it’s hard to believe it’s man-made, and available at a fraction of the cost. It’s no wonder that a material as elegant and tactile as faux fur, which began as a fashion trend, now stands the test of time as a classic component of cold-weather decorating.

I currently have two faux fur accessories in my Living Room: pillows I’m using as ottomans(c/o)* for occasional seating, and a light-weight fur throw, so it was truly simpatico when Pottery Barn reached out to ask me to share a few of my best faux fur decorating tips/ ideas with you!

I would totally describe myself as a late bloomer. I’m usually just late in general and I resist adulting like it’s the flu. But I feel like it took me forever to discover my own style and that’s a party I’d rather not have been late to. I’d borrow someone else’s for a little while just to test it out, try it on.

Inevitably I’d realize it wasn’t completely me and I’d move on to the next thing. The good thing about this process is that it allowed me to collect and keep the things that did work from one style and incorporate them with things that worked from another.

These days I guess I’d describe my style as modern farmhouse but that’s just because it’s easier than saying modern rustic simplistic eclectic with a little boho twist thrown in here and there. At the end of the day, I just like what I like when I like it. And these days, I love faux fur.

I don’t care that it’s a million degrees here in general, even in winter. The sight of it makes me cozy and tricks my brain into thinking it is actually winter even if I could still fry an egg on the sidewalk. And it’s just plain gorgeous and that’s always a plus.

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