38 Gorgeous Antique French Door Decoration

Design your home to make a lasting first impression with the use of charming French doors. These doors are found in homes on both an exterior or interior level. Whether French doors are in the original architectural design or you are repurposing your current doors or windows, you will find the addition of French doors to serve many delightful purposes for your home. French doors come in an array of styles.

You will find stained wood options and painted distressed wood styles. Metal structures and doors are also available in most locations. The style of the doors holds an option of windows and placement. Door styles intricately hold numerous options. Some doors are made of all glass where as others have a smaller window design. The choice of design is determined by the style of the home and the purpose of the doors.

You may have a need to bridge inside décor with outdoor splendor, or the home may utilize French doors as the entrance to the house. The level of privacy needed will be a deciding factor when choosing glass windows inset within the doors.

You can opt for stained glass, clear glass or frosted cuts that also serve as a decorative accent.There are multiple framing options to encase your French doors with the style you are seeking. Elaborate designs and daintier frames are found in subtle and luxurious looks.

In our photos below, you will find some examples of intertwined styles that will fit your desired home appeal.These gorgeous red oak French doors definitely give this billiard room an old world charm, especially when combined with a classic, turn of the century, white borders.

As we see here, a French door can do much to keep your room from feeling claustrophobic while helping to piece your home together. Stately window panels are set in an enriched wooden finish. Doors and windows open up the space offering a luxurious view of the homes surroundings. The right door can add a charm of its own to any room.

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