35 Brilliant DIY Egg Decorating Ideas

I saw an article on apartment therapy awhile back about using egg shells as seed starters. What a great idea! Many people compost their egg shells, so we know that they break down well. We don’t have to worry about frost in Northern California right now, but we still decided to plant some seeds indoors and watch them grow. When they are ready to put in the garden the egg shell goes into the ground too!

Every time I used an egg I’d rinse out the shells and set it aside. Pretty soon we had enough to start a dozen seedlings! Naturally, it’s not uncommon to lean towards the easy Easter egg projects that we’ve all grown up on. You know the drill; buy a kit, dip some eggs, and call it a day. And while this tradition will never get old, I can’t help but encourage people to shake things up a bit. There are just too many awesome techniques, materials, and ideas out there. It’s basically an entirely new set of reasons to get creative.

The techniques used in these projects are on the unconventional side. I’m talking about dyeing with silks, painting with acrylics, and applying tin foil. Luckily, each and every one of them are still totally doable at home.

For the ultimate girls’ holiday, round up your lady friends. Slip into Easter dresses, whip up a boozy brunch, and decorate eggs to your hearts’ content! Embrace the spring season with these gorgeous cherry blossom Easter eggs by Craft Passion. These little works of art will easily brighten up your home just in time for the holiday.

It’s almost time for Easter, and with that off course, time to show off your Easter egg decorating skills. When I was young, I always used to look forward to decorating eggs for Easter with my mom and sister. It became a fun activity that we could always enjoy together. This year, I’ve seen some wonderful DIY Easter egg decorating ideas all over Pinterest. And I thought I’d round some of my favorites up in a post to share them with you!

These DIY Easter egg decorating ideas can be enjoyed with the whole family. Get everyone in on the fun by creating your own Easter decor this year! For the full tutorial for each of these DIY Easter egg decorating ideas, you can click on the link below each image.

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