39 Mid-Century Modern Apartment Interior Design Ideas

Mid-Century Modernism is in part based on the ideal that good design constitutes an essential part of good living. It’s no surprise then, that the clean-lined, optimistic designs of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s still hold sway over interior decorators working today. To prove this point, we rounded up 15 eye-catching interiors that incorporate mid-century pieces to breathtaking, modern effect. Scroll down to see an impressive variety of living rooms filled with furniture by the likes of Charlotte Perriand, Eero Saarinen, Oscar Niemeyer and more — then shop the pieces themselves on 1stdibs.

When Mid-century modern started making waves a few years back, the instant reaction was to dismiss it as an aberration. Obviously those people read the trends wrong, as we are into the second half of 2014, and the popularity of this design style only seems to be on the up each day. So much so that contemporary designers are turning towards midcentury modern decor to reinvent these classic furnishings with a new twist. Saarinen, Eames, Noguchi and Nelson – midcentury masters currently rule the interior design world with an inimitable flourish of their own!

This allows you to usher in a tinge of midcentury modern without undertaking an extensive renovation that completely changes the vibe of the interior. Buying an iconic decor piece like the ever-popular Eames Lounger or the stunningly minimal Noguchi coffee table is an investment that will serve you well for decades, if not generations, to come!

Obviously popular shows like Mad Men and the minimal aesthetics of modern gadget makes like Apple are pushing us towards the sleek and unfussy appeal of midcentury modern. With midcentury modern infiltrating the interior design world, there are many avid Decoist readers who constantly want to know how they can incorporate this style as well. So, here is how you can bring this indomitable and timeless style home with panache –

Let us make no mistake about it; the midcentury modern era was the time when the world first started moving towards the idea of minimalism. At the time, it was a style statement dictated by aesthetics and visual simplicity. It seems that after six decades, that cycle has come full circle! This time though, the quest for minimalism is defined by our lack or resources and the global financial crunch. Midcentury modern style is all about doing away with the unnecessary while highlighting clean-lined furniture, pure sculptural forms and sexy, smooth curves.

Ger rid of the excesses to ensure that your interior is ready to embrace the midcentury modern look. If you already have a semi-minimal style going in your home, then the stage is already perfectly set. Give each room a distinct focal point and let those stunning decor pieces or wall art shine through.Speaking of stunning decor additions, modern midcentury style is all about adding a few timeless pieces to the modern living room, bedroom or dining space.


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