38 Beautiful Ideas Small Bathroom Design that Feels Comfortable

If you have a super small bathroom, trying to make everything fit in the available space is like doing a giant crossword puzzle. Among the challenges: configuring the toilet and sink to code, allowing enough clearance for a shower and, of course, where to put the towels and t.p. Despite the challenges, in most cases it’s still better to squeeze in an extra bathroom where one is desperately needed, even if it must be small.

When we talk about comfortable place, we need extra size for every room. Yes, more size more comfort we get. Let’s imagine if your bathroom feels so crowded; bath tub or shower box and toiletry cabinet, reside too close each other. Are you agreeing that is not comfortable? Anyway, room size impossible to be changed.

So, the way you can do to make your bathroom comfortable is make some comfortable design. Even if you have narrow bathroom, beautiful small bathroom designs can be other way to you. Maybe you will forget about your bathroom size and just enjoy your bathe. Do you champed at the bit? Let’s look at the picture below.

Before I explain about that bathroom design, I want to tell you that color you apply on your bathroom is influence to your bathroom size. Actually, it is not a real, but when you paint your bathroom’s wall with dark color will make it feel smaller, inversely if you choose light color, it will felt bigger. So, in this occasion I like to share beautiful small bathroom designs, with light color for sure. The first bathroom design use tiffany blue color. I think it great idea remember that we usually see that water seen blue. For this design, bath tub and toiletries place with mirror if enough that bathroom.

Other sample is like the second picture. As you see, this is not having much furniture; just enough with toilet and shower box. You also can put simple cupboard to put your towel. With do this; you can give more available free space on bathroom. Put some mirror there is good idea to make it feel bigger. Don’t forget about light color there; white and bright red or white combined with other light color can be your selection.

And the last feel comfortable even if this is small room. Like other sample before, it is put a little furniture. Different model toilet can be used if you want. And the special one of beautiful small bathroom designs is on that sample above is the atmosphere. Put some accessories plant and use green pillow seen so beautiful there.

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