36 Cute Snowdrop Pendant Lamps

Spring is here! Do you enjoy those amazing first spring blooms? Snowdrops are the among first ones coming out of snow even, and they symbolize spring like no other flowers, that’s why they became a source of inspiration for this lamp design.

A great designer pendant this was derived from many hours of observing the quiet beauty of various bulbous plants such as the Spring Snowflake, the Lily of the Valley and, of course, the Snowdrop – slender stems gently bowing from the combined weight of a string of colourful blossoms. These cute candy pendants are great for brightening a kitchen, living room or bedroom. Choose one colour and one pendant or mix it up and make your own designer lighting combination.

Compared to flush ceiling lights or sconces, hanging lights add something unique to the decor and look a bit more refined, sophisticated and stylish. Hanging pendant lamps are usually very graceful and elegant. But whether you choose to decorate your home with a stunning chandelier, a single pendant lamp or a cluster of hanging lighting fixtures, these accessories will inevitably draw the eye up.

This design strategy can be useful if you want to make a space appear bigger by directing the eye to the ceiling or if you’re decorating a room with a high ceiling. The brainchild of Stone Designs and manufacturer Innermost, Snowdrop is a beautiful and bright aluminum pendant.

The snow in snowdrop seems to originate from the bulbous diffusing sphere—emerging from the candy-colored shell of the vibrant surrounding shade. For me, the ensemble evokes a familiar March scene, when eager blooms of spring bulbs are flanked with sticky, clinging snow. Bold shell colors will raise your mood and make you feel lively.

Whatever the metaphor, Snowdrop possesses an unmistakable aesthetic. Modern and retro at once, it’s a colorful and fun take on the delicate spring blooms, and it will look cool in various spaces, not only at home but also in public ones. Don’t hesitate to rock one or several lamps in your kitchen, living room, dining space or even kids’ room, it’s a fun and colorful piece that will create a fun ambience for sure.

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