39 Best Modern French Apartment Design Inspiration

You know what they say… Paris is always a good idea. When it comes to impeccable interiors, the French certainly have it down. We’ve taken a look at some of our favorite chic Parisian rooms to discern exactly what sums up that sophisticated je ne sais quoi. From crystal chandeliers to dramatic drapery, here’s our roadmap for decorating like Parisian.

They’ve got it down to a science: one part hair-blowing-in-the-breeze casual, one part monarchy-style elegance. For Chic Week, a week-long celebration of our 30th anniversary since hitting French newsstands, we asked some of our favorite French interior design experts how to master the oh-so-stylish home look.

Some of you will have seen the title of this post and rolled your eyes in disgust, and I get it: the fetishization of French style can be a tad ridiculous. To take such a large, varied country and attempt to distill its aesthetic into a formula to be duplicated the world over is futile. Regardless, it’s a game the rest of the world loves to play.

French interiors provide a stunning blend of sophistication that borrows from a variety of different styles, incorporating bold new styles that blend seamlessly with more traditional designs to provide a chic and stylish palette. The style requires some focus but at the heart of this aesthetic is creating spaces that incorporate an original flair with small splashes of flamboyance. Here is some insight to nudge you in the right direction towards the perfect blend of classic and modern.

And you can hardly blame us: from uber-chic apartments in Paris to cozy country homes in Provence, France has style in spades. But what I think most people who claim to love “French style” are really after is that particular modern-meets-traditional-meets-glam look so often found in Parisian apartments (or the ones that turn up on the internet, at least).

So while the real list of secrets for achieving that look might read something like be a millionaire, live in a beautiful Haussmannian building on the Left Bank, don’t have kids, decorate with a mix of priceless antiques and irreverent finds from les puces, etc, I’ll do my very best to give you some more practical advice.

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