37 Amazing Small Bathroom Wallpaper

If you’re new to the world of wallpaper, you might be feeling a bit anxious about deciding where you want to put wallpaper in your home. Well, it’s time to stop worrying because we have a killer suggestion: your bathroom! Bathrooms are the perfect place to start experimenting with wallpaper. They tend to be smaller rooms in your home, and there aren’t a lot of other furnishings and finishes that would compete with the color or design of your wallpaper.

Do you think you’re the only one having bathroom decorating problems? Well you aren’t alone. Who knew that such a small space could be so difficult to figure out. When you’re limited by the bathtub, sink and toilet, you just have to take creativity to the walls. And we all know what that means! Wallpaper! Wallpapered bathrooms are some of the loveliest bathrooms out there. They bring a flair to an otherwise drab space. Check out these 10 tips for bathroom wallpaper and see what I mean.

If you’re in a rental, you’re a bit more limited with your options; however, you can always choose to use removable wallpaper, saving money on standard wallpaper installation.We’ve rounded up 37 of our favorite design-worthy wallpapers, all of which would look super stylish in a bathroom. Would you dare?

A powder room, like this one by designer Regan Baker, is perfect for experimenting with wallpaper. Powder rooms tend to be the smallest bathroom in the house which means less wallpaper and less money spent in the long run.

Wallpapers in bathrooms? With care and good ventilation any wallpaper can be used in the bathroom. You just need to make sure it doesn’t come into contact with water on a regular basis. So not directly around the bath, shower or sink – otherwise anything goes. Whilst tile effects remain popular we hope we can show you here some of the more recent trends for bathrooms.

If there’s one space that wallpaper with bold patterns or bright colors is suited for, it’s the powder room! When design options are limited by tight quarters, minimal furnishings and no windows, wallpaper is the perfect solution to make a statement. While the reasons to use wallpaper are many, here, six top interior designers tell us why they like to use wallpaper in the powder room.

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