35 Impressive Word Scrabble Wall Decor Ideas

Need some awesome new decor ideas for your walls? Last month, when I went to this huge craft fair in Texas, I was amazed and mesmerized by all these incredible letters and words I saw for sale. Definitely a cool trend I am liking and wanting in my living room, I did not want to pay the high prices they were asking for their creatively displayable letters. Fortunately, I was with my friend John who likes to build things, and he told me it was not nearly as hard as I think to make most of what I wanted.

Wall art is always a welcomed addition to nay house. It fills the missing gap and it completes the look of a room. Among so many wall arts, the farmhouse scrabble wall art is an interesting option to consider. It has the homey look not to mention it is simple enough so you can DIY it. Check out the following ideas for inspiration.

This is a perfect idea for your hallway wall or your living room vacant wall. It mentions the entire family members and it makes a harmonious and welcoming touch into the house. The scrabble setting displays how each member of the family is connected to each other. It is more than just decorative. It is meaningful too.

This is how this kind of wall art can be matched to every room need. This example is a scrabble wall art for supposedly a kid play room or bedroom. It spells “play” which is cute, decorative, and educational at the same time. It doesn’t only complete the decoration. It actually helps in defining the room at the same time.

You can have a different set for each season if you want to with this kind of scrabble wall art. It spells “fall’ which probably is a match for an entire decoration in the house. It explains the house mood and it becomes a reminder of the season and what we should expect on the season as well.

Love this idea! I saw the above image on pinterest and just had to do some digging to see if there’s any good tutorials on how to make these large scrabble wall yourself. I did discover that you can buy them on amazon, but I want a DIY tutorial for you guys as well. Good news… I found an excellent tutorial. The only thing it is missing is an idea for how to hang them on the wall, but that’s accomplished pretty easily with a few wall hook pieces.

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