39 Luxury Beach House Design Ideas

Summer is here, which means that the kids are out of school and it is time to start thinking about your family vacation. My family loves the ocean, so cruises are our thing, but when we do take land trips, having a place to stay near the shore is ideal. I think that having a beach house in a specific area is the best way to take a vacation; you know where you are going each summer, and you can decorate the interior the way that you want. Continue Reading

39 Design a House for Shelter as Well Villa for Family Vacation

The plateau holds the self-serving home for the couple, yet as it extends out the land curves down to open up space for a lower storey, housing two studios for their children and grandchildren. From the back of the villa, the building is a two-storey home, yet from the front it is a bungalow. Similarly, the conical wall has dual functions – operating as a shield for privacy, while its irregular openings bring in light, frame views and seen from the street act as a beguiling design feature. Continue Reading

35 Beautiful Rustic, Resort Style Home in Arizona

No far better locations are available anywhere in North America to go through the huge scenic outdoors. Arizona is among the most visually stunning states in the country, home to natural wonders like the Grand Canyon and other red-rock wonders. Beyond this, you have all sorts of creative license in making your personal Backyard Resort. Continue Reading

35 Natural Home with Modern Classic Design

Classic home style will be able to be modified perfectly by maximizing style and design of contemporary natural home maximally. It is such applied well to design and decorate Hamptons Modern Barn project that is modified perfectly by John Hummel & Associates. Wooden material construction is used well to design exterior wall in this building project. Actually it will make house living to look more stylish, artistic and elegant in its appearance. Continue Reading