DIY Inspiration: 35 Amazing Wooden Coffee Table

It probably goes without saying that we’ve got coffee tables to cater for every conceivable taste in living room décor. But did you know that some come with built-in storage? Yes, whether you want a handy place for the remote and the TV guide, or to stash the family board games, or even to house your DVD collection, we’ve got a coffee table to suit your needs. Continue Reading

34 Clever DIY Home Décor to Upgrade your Apartment

See these 34 clever DIY home décor to upgrade your apartment below to inspire your space without making mistake. Outfitting a first apartment can be a real struggle. Spaces are often small, and budgets are likely tight. DIY projects, therefore, can be a lifesaver. With a little ingenuity and elbow grease, inexpensive materials can be transformed into special pieces. Continue Reading

35 Brilliant DIY Egg Decorating Ideas

I saw an article on apartment therapy awhile back about using egg shells as seed starters. What a great idea! Many people compost their egg shells, so we know that they break down well. We don’t have to worry about frost in Northern California right now, but we still decided to plant some seeds indoors and watch them grow. When they are ready to put in the garden the egg shell goes into the ground too! Continue Reading

38 Creative and Functional DIY Bathroom Storage

Don’t let clutter take over your bathroom. There are a lot of amazing storage and organization solutions with a bit of creativity. These ideas will help you stay organized, whether your bathroom is large or small. Look at this collection and try to make some creative and functional DIY bathroom storage projects for your home. We hope you find our gallery helpful. You can find complete tutorials some of them on the linked sources. Continue Reading

35 Best Inspiration for DIY Recycled Furniture

Some of the most spectacular DIY projects involved taking an old piece of furniture and giving it a new identity or using something as simple and useless as a pallet and turning it into something functional and amazing. Reclaimed wood furniture is very interesting mostly because it has a history and this makes it charming and unique. Here are a few projects that might give you some inspiration. Continue Reading