38 Masculine Kitchen Furniture Ideas That Catch An Eye

Every bachelor needs a cool man cave where he could feel at ease, relax, cook, live, sleep and do whatever else he wants. Masculine spaces are usually dark and moody ones but they aren’t gloomy, these are relaxing dark shades. You can also play with textures to add an eye-catchy touch and of course furniture and accessories will create a mood. Continue Reading

36 Most Popular IKEA Hacks Ideas That You Can Try

Most Popular IKEA Hacks Ideas That You Can TryThese IKEA hacks will take some effort, sure. But, you won’t need any power tools, extension cords or impossibly tiny allen wrenches for these transformations. These are the sort of projects you could do in a few hours with some of your existing IKEA furniture (or hey, if you want to get wild and brave IKEA to purchase a fresh piece to hack, knock yourself out). You could enjoy looking at — and using! — these projects by tonight. Continue Reading

39 Dramatic and Cool Ideas Dark Woods Dresser and Cabinet

Dark cherry cabinets have a luxurious look thanks to their rich dark undertones. There are several wall colors that work well with dark cherry wood, but each creates a different effect. The best choice for your space depends on whether you want to enhance the richness of the wood’s red undertones, or tone them down. Continue Reading