Projects with pallets are becoming more popular, because the items that actually derived from them, are unique and are in favor of preserving the environment. Pallets covered with greenery and flowers can become part of your yard decoration. All you need is to learn how to use simple wooden pallet in your design and how in an original way to recycle wood.

Did you know that pallets could be your next gardening option? You may not see a garden every time you look at one, but there is real possibility there. So the next time you come across a pallet, realize that it can be reconfigured and turned into a wonderful growing space. Plus, pallet gardens are also very eye-catching. Which means, if you need additional (or simply pretty) growing space, then one of these pallet garden options we are bringing you could very easily work for your home.

In our today’s post, we present you some fascinating ideas how to use wooden pallets as garden planters. There are so many fascinating ideas how to do that, you just need to find that ideas that will suit your garden. See our proposals and create something interesting for your garden. Have fun and be productive! By now we all know our outdoor rooms count as much as our indoor ones. Especially during certain times of year! One of the best design elements you can bring to your outdoor rooms is the colors and textures of plants and flowers.

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With that in mind, here are pallet garden ideas for vegetables, herb, or flower that will hopefully inspire you to upcycle a pallet into your next garden idea: Wooden pallets are really easy to assemble and have found their role in the recycling of many projects that are truly functional and useful. You can find them in the stores for building materials or supermarket. Most of the shops use pallets to transport goods, and after that they mainly throw the pallets. If you have any chance to get them for free, with some great inspirational ideas, you will create something remarkable.

Flowers have always been a part of our live, whether we just like to receive them or having them in our homes. What do you do when your plant need more space to grow or simply what do you do when normal planters aren’t enough for your specific needs? My suggestion would be to make your own planters or why not recycle some other planter you may have and use them. If you think that making your own planter is rocket science you can’t be more wrong.

Let’s face it though, planters and pots from the nursery can add up fast. I seriously think it can be the most expensive part of outdoor living outside the hardscape! So we went out looking for some creative budget outdoor planter projects you can do this weekend. That’s right, that bland patio could be alive with decor (the containers) and design (the plants) by this weekend! Come on, save the binge watching of Downton reruns (it hurts to say that!) ’till the nights are cold again!


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