Check Out These 6 Modern Kitchen Designs For Modern Style 

Have you been living for years in the same house without any makeover, especially your kitchen? Here things you need to do to have a modern kitchen design.

Have you been living for years in the same house without any makeover, especially your kitchen? Or you already planning to makeover your kitchen? Check these modern kitchen design ideas for inspiration in updating your beloved kitchen with a touch of modern lifestyle.

1. Update Hardware


It is the main thing to do if you want to add a new look in your kitchen. Especially if you haven’t caught the latest trend for modern living style. Updating hardware can be buying things, but it doesn’t always mean that way. Change the look of your furniture by giving it new paint or finishing or replace the drawer or knobs. It can be a lot of things that involve changing the previous appearances. 

We are not sure you will be bored with modern interiors, modern kitchen cabinets combined with round knobs can make it a perfect inspiration point when designing modern-style kitchens.

Modern style kitchens are definitely time-tested, make it the perfect choice. If you want to design your kitchen in a modern style, you can replace the unique and durable cabinet pull.

Do not erase your dream to have a stylish kitchen, just because of the smaller space. This kitchen is a great example of how to change small things. For example, by replacing the pull of a kitchen cabinet combined with white it will bring your kitchen with a modern kitchen style

This modern cabinet style is very prominent when it is designed as part of a trendy interior scheme. Stylish with the pull of a modern rose gold cabinet, to create some contrast and brass accents that stand out in your cabinets and drawers.

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Changing the look of hard furniture for the kitchen is a good thing, painted kitchen cabinets are very nice, maybe suitable for one change. With the replacement of the drawer, the white color combined for the kitchen cupboard can bring a brighter mood change.

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2. Lighter Colours


The bright colours on the wall reflect light and make the room looks brighter, and so make it looks larger than normal. The use of these colours has always been in discussion, and fewer people doubt it. The bright colours also give expensive feelings and able to hide some dents or scratches on your old furniture.

If you like to decorate bright colors, believe that it’s easier than you think. The kitchen can be changed to be very trendy using this decorating solution. The easiest idea to do this is to paint the blue cabinet and open the shelves, orange and yellow.

Adding a kitchen with bright shades does look pretty easy, but you should keep using warmer tones. If you are still confused about how to apply and mix and match bright colors, you can use pink paint combined with silver for cabinets and sinks, which will make your kitchen appear in a modern style.

Colors like red, yellow, orange, and pastel are the best for giving a comfortable touch to your kitchen. By blocking the colored cabinet or to create a color block effect between the cabinet and the wall. For that, we recommend that you try this design that can make changes that can perfect.

The kitchen can be changed to be very trendy using light colors. You can paint kitchen cabinets in white and add yellow to the backsplash ceramic walls, which will make the kitchen more lively and bright modern kitchen styles.

I have seen some color block ideas in modern kitchens, but if you are not sure, start by including some bright accents in your color scheme. If your wall paint is dark, maybe you can add yellow accents to the long cabinet. This idea will make your kitchen decoration become an eternal reality.

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3. Replace Cabinet Parts


If there is any chance that your cabinet already worn out and has some broken parts, consider replacing it. It does not always have to buy a new cabinet. Only replace the parts that need replacing, or perhaps refinishing its paint. Sometimes you can just put off the door and let an open shelving cabinet to show your best wares on display.

If you already feel bored with the look of the kitchen in your home, maybe you can replace the kitchen cabinets with open shelves that will be easy to put cutlery and drinking equipment, but it can also be used to decorate open shelves in your modern kitchen.

Open shelf design that will bring dramatic and interesting changes for you to try. This idea might be very important, maybe with your outdated kitchen cabinet, you can replace it with an open shelves kitchen storage. This brilliant idea is worth a try and will make a modern kitchen look sleek and neat.

Modern kitchen design for your home, the kitchen is the heart of every home. Shelves can be an important part, with open shelves providing a comfortable touch with a new face in your modern kitchen.

The kitchen can be changed to be very trendy using this smart design solution. A very complex kitchen with storage, renovation of a kitchen cabinet with open storage shelves, will provide convenience in storing kitchen utensils and changing the look of a perfect modern kitchen.

If you are still confused about the design of your kitchen at home, we have a brilliant solution. Maybe remodel kitchen cabinets with open storage shelves, will make a memorable change in the kitchen with a modern kitchen style in your dream home.

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4. Change Lighting


Throw up your outdated lightings if you have not had one of these chandeliers or pendant lightings. It doesn’t only serve light for lighting but also building up the mood in the kitchen. 

A round candle chandelier that is attached above your kitchen, to create a bright and comfortable atmosphere in the modern kitchen.

Adding a kitchen with bright colors does look easy, but you should still use lighting. There are many lights out there in various shapes and sizes. With crystal chandeliers clad in nickel, it will create the perfect lighting in your modern kitchen.

Start by entering some lighting accents for your kitchen. Maybe you are tired of decorating lights in the kitchen. You can replace lighting with a round chandelier, with a charming shape that will make the perfection of modern kitchen light in your home.

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5. Artwork


The artwork is a simple thing. It makes huge differences when it is applied well in the room. Put one or two artworks to give your room a stronger character. Mostly it can be paintings, but it can be something else. Fabric artwork for instance.

Modern kitchen designs with pictures on the wall will create a happy mood and as an expression of your heart’s content. Combination of white and pastel blue color make your kitchen look soft.

Wall decoration ideas are easy and inexpensive, for example, you can collect your photos to decorate the walls of the kitchen, which will make you remember the day you have missed.


Wall design with ancient paintings in the kitchen can create a rustic modern feel in your home. You can out on the wall to make a stylish and trendy design

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6. Stainless Steel Appliances

It is good if you already have stainless steel appliances. But if you don’t have one, don’t worry. All you need to do is purchase some paint-on stainless steel finish. Follow its manufacture instructions and update all those appliances to stainless steel looks.

Modern kitchen design with stainless countertop is very good from the point of view of cost, durability, and care. In addition, it will change the look of your kitchen looks elegant.

Brilliant kitchen decor with stainless steel kitchen cabinets combined with wooden floors will make your kitchen look classy.

Worried about the cold industrial feel of stainless? It can be paired with other warm table materials to soften the look. Having a stainless table that works hard around the stove mixed with wood floors will make you comfortable.

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There are still many things you can do to make some changes to your kitchen to make it look modern. But before that, try to finish these simple modern kitchen design changes before changing to a more difficult one. Good luck.

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