The farmhouse kitchen is in the hall of fame. How can you bring this atmosphere to your kitchen? Check and follow these steps.

1. Neutral Colours

Use neutral colours for the wall. The colours can be pale white, blue or grey. Apply only one colour for the entire wall. Avoid bright colour such as red, blue and green.

A classic blend of Beautiful monochrome colors. The combination of white and black colors always look elegant and stylish for your kitchen.

White and metallic colors are the perfect blend for a contemporary kitchen. This color gives a brighter feel and looks cleaner in your kitchen.

A comfortable and clean white kitchen gives a different feel when you are in the kitchen. The white color gives the style of the kitchen to make it look brighter and airier.

Make a natural and fresh impression in your small kitchen. By adding a white paint color is the right idea. You can put some plants to create a beautiful and fresh ambiance.

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2. Incorporate Dimension 

Try to add beadboard, shiplap, or wainscoting to your kitchen wall. The more, the better. The true farmhouses are full of these shiplap things and textures. Use an unused window frame as a functional decoration by giving it screw hookers and use it to store and hang your cooking utensils.

If you want to reach a beautiful kitchen, put a wainscoting beadboard in the middle of the wall. Beadboard has a rustic feel, but beadboard can also make a modern space a little friendlier.

Shiplap has the strongest lines that are often considered the most contemporary of all the panels in your kitchen. Shiplap is a bit more dynamic and gives a special attraction to your room.

The V-groove panel has a chamfered edge, which when put together produces a V-shape between the boards. The addition of wooden shelves can be used to store your kitchen utensils.

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3. Décor 

Get yourself some decorations made of wood. Better be old. The farmhouse is not talking about something that is always perfect. Pick used and worn out cut board and use it as decorations. You can also pick used washboards and use it as decorations too. Apply some DIY lettering on these things will drastically give out a strong farmhouse accent.

Adding classic wooden pieces brings a modern twist to the vintage style. You can combine parts of old furniture to make it look more attractive.

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For those of you lovers of classic nuances, this kitchen interior is very suitable to be applied in the kitchen space of your home. Wood and brown color will give a natural effect, your kitchen will look more elegant

Decorate your kitchen space appropriately, with a simple but still elegant impression. Kitchen design inspiration with natural wood color will give a classic and beautiful impression

Marble can look fancy like a classic and cool industrial style. It all depends on how you apply and pair it. This kitchen, for example, has a variety of old school touches here and there and still looks perfect

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 4. Mix Match 

Use old-worn out wooden table island. Refine it according to the necessity, of course with good wood finishing. Then mix it with something modern such as modern metal chairs. 

Combining elements of traditional decoration with a variety of modern equipment, minimalist wooden tables, patterned floors or a certain color palette, is the best way to look at a room that is really different and unique.

Design a kitchen space by mixing traditional and modern styles. Modern traditional style kitchen design gives the impression of an eclectic interior style that is balanced and makes it look a bit strange and unique at the same time.

Traditional styles generally include firm wood materials, architectural details, and elegant furnishings. This style is quite versatile and can be combined with other interior elements to create a unique look.

The kitchen can be an exotic part of the house, one of which makes a kitchen design with aesthetic value similar to a farmhouse model. If you are thinking of bringing a modern farmhouse kitchen to your home

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5. Farmhouse Light Fixtures

There are a lot of varieties of light fixtures. Wooden pendant is extremely suggested. The more vintage the fixtures, the better. Chandeliers are also perfect additions for farmhouse style kitchen. Also, try to have a hanging bulb inside a rattan wire.

If you want to provide more lighting above the sink, try to hang a pendant lamp overhead. This beautiful pendant lamp makes for a very bright dishwasher

There are many ways to juggle the look of the kitchen to make it stand out. Whether through furniture and equipment that are classic style. Adding lights for lighting makes your kitchen look brighter.

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Very beautiful golden light bulb to decorate your kitchen. The combination of blue and white monochrome colors adds to the beauty of your kitchen and looks more elegant.

Hanging lamps are generally valued for their stylish and sophisticated appearance. Typically, chandeliers can be adjusted vertically so that they hang at the desired height and not obstruct

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6. Distress Furniture

If you have newly repainted furniture, don’t be afraid to put some distress in it using sandpaper. Especially in those area where mostly got touch by hand.

Storage cabinet that looks dull provides its own charm for your kitchen. The manufacture of used wood that is perfect and looks natural that makes your kitchen look more classic

The color of this recycled furniture is a complement to a beautiful room. The dominance of the white color is also harmonious with the design of the interior elements that remain simple and look more natural.

You see doors and windows arranged vertically in a row of wood. This recycled furniture inspiration was adapted from the rustic interior concept that emphasizes the character of a material that makes it unique.

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 7. Other Elements

You can add other things as much as you want in this farmhouse kitchen style. A flower vase made of the old can, or some old bottle as decorations to be put in some places around the kitchen. 

There are a lot of place for improvements if you choose this farmhouse kitchen style to be applied in your kitchen. Good luck in creating your precious kitchen.

Adding extra elements from the outside to your kitchen, beautiful flowers with used flower vases can make a farmhouse feel much more attractive and unique.

Many ways to beautify your kitchen. By adding flowers in the vase make your space look fresh and natural. You can arrange as a centerpiece to create a neat ambiance.

Flower vase from used bottles with white flowers that look beautiful makes your kitchen look more beautiful. The addition of this flower vase also creates a cooler feel.

These vases and floral arrangements exude a warm welcome and gentle calm. A simple bright vase adds a beautiful bouquet of flowers and makes this masterpiece much more captivating.

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