Are You Doing Bathroom Renovation? Try These 3 Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

When you find many problems in your bathroom, it is the time for a bathroom renovation. A farmhouse bathroom style might be a great idea to start with.

If you feel that the sink is leaking too much, the bathtub drains slowly, the floor is cracked everywhere, and the storage is not well-functioned, you absolutely need a bathroom renovation. You may start with a farmhouse style for this renovation. This style is a little bit retro and rustic that offers more homey, warm, and relaxing bathroom atmosphere

Find more ideas on farmhouse bathroom styles below!

1. Shiplap Style: for Bathroom Wall, Floor, and Ceiling

Shiplap is the signature of a farmhouse style. You can apply this to the wall, floor, or ceiling. The accent of shiplap offers you more rustic feels. It doesn’t need to be white all the time to accentuate your shiplap style. Other tones such as brown, grey, and navy are stunning for it. 

If you think that making your wall all shiplap will cost you much, you can only create the shiplap on a certain spot like on your shower wall or the side of vanities. No matter what, shiplap is a must. 


The bathroom which is dominated by white will look clean. Using a shiplap floor with ligh brown color gives a natural farmhouse feel.

Attractive green wall display for your bathroom. The wooden table also makes your bathroom look more natural, the addition of mirrors and lamps on the wall adds to the beauty of your bathroom

Applying natural shiplap can give a classic impression to your bathroom. The dominance of the white color makes your bathroom look clean.

The clean white shiplap walls in the rooms provide brightness and appear to look clean. The round mirror above the sink with bright lighting gives an elegant feel to your minimal bathroom

Unique ceramic motifs for your bathroom floor. Shiplap walls bring the touch of a modern farmhouse in your design.

The bathroom features a gray wall with two gooseneck taps under the mirror. A wooden shelf above the toilet seat to store towels and toiletries.

The bathroom design uses shiplap, like a makeup mirror made from an old box. Adding gray storage cabinets adds to the beauty of your bathroom.

White shiplap bathroom with double sinks, gray marble countertop, and attractive storage cabinets. White marble bathtub which brings the feel of a cottage in an elegant bathroom design

The charming gray and brown bathrooms have shiplap walls. The addition of flower facets next to the sink gives a beautiful feel.

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2. Repurposed Elements: for Bathroom Furniture

The farmhouse style mostly uses wooden elements or furniture. And, the best thing about this farmhouse style is its ability to cut the furniture expenses since it utilizes a lot of repurposed elements or furniture. 

For example, you can use a wooden ladder for your towel storage, an old barn door for your bathroom door, or a wood bucket for toilet paper storage. What you need is only your creativity to create the finest things for the room décor. 

If you are not crafty enough, you may buy the furniture (means: higher cost for bathroom furniture renovation). 

The bathroom looks very luxurious with a glass wall. The dominance of white color makes your bathroom look roomy and clean. The addition of a used rack from the tanga functions as a towel rack.


The wooden ladder that is not used perfectly for towels rack. To make a fresh and natural look in the bathroom, you can put some flowers and wooden furniture.

The uniqueness that was created in the bathroom by using a used tub made of iron made as a sink. Utilization of goods that are not used to create perfect creativity

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Simple But Interesting Creative Towel Hanger Ideas By Using Used Furniture, Besides This Towel Furniture, Can Also Store Bath Equipment.

The Old Door Which Divides The Bathroom And Bedroom Is Very Attractive, This Door Looks Natural With A Distinctive Color From Wood.

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Utilizing an old door to be used as a towel hanger is a creative idea for your bathroom.

White domination gives a clean feel to your minimalist bathroom. The addition of a used ladder to place a towel gives it a different feel.

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3. Play with Color: for Cozy Look

The typical color of a farmhouse style is white, but it’s totally okay for you to try other colors. It is fun to experiment with some bright and dark tones for a room. You can use pink, soft pink, light green, and peach for the bright ones. Meanwhile, dark tones such as navy, dark green, and maroon are great to pop shades to your bathroom. 

Hopefully, those ideas make your bathroom renovation a lot easier and meet your intended bathroom design.

Blue and white as a color combination. As a bathroom color scheme, it’s perfect, especially when brightened with natural light.

The bathroom is not a very colorful traditional room. You can enjoy colors that are quite neutral or white. It looks not only fresh but also light and bright.

White color for the bathroom to make it look clean. Lighting emanating from the window makes your room look shiny

Besides white, you can also paint your bathroom with a light brown color. Rich tones from this light brown bathroom make the smaller space feel comfortable and luxurious at the same time

The bathroom of a small farmhouse with white wood walls and a few white furniture provides brightness and cleanness in your bathroom. The addition of green plants makes your bathroom fresher.

Motif flooring adds warmth and personality without eliminating the color scheme of your white bathroom. The addition of a flower vase gives a fresher and cooler atmosphere.

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Farmhouses and modern areas are placed side by side, tied together with beautiful black and white mosaic tiles and black retro-style hardware. Painted wood and smooth marble tables bring a touch of luxury.

Clean white and grey bathroom turns into a spa-like haven with the single addition of a rough-hewn, natural wood farmhouse bench.

Wooden ceilings, large sinks, traditional mosaic tiles, and framed mirrors bring a lot of personality and style, touches and white colors make the bathroom look clean and fresh.

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