There is no doubt that knowing the right way to organize your kitchen will not only give it a cleaner look but will also improve the workflow of your cooking activities. After all, kitchen might be one of the areas in your house where you spend most of the time daily. So, here we have 5 kitchen organization ideas that will greatly improve your home kitchen. 

1. Hang the Kitchenware

Organizing your kitchenware should be the first thing you do. Those tools, utensils, and cookware are big in size and might take up a lot of space. The best kitchen organization tip is by hanging everything that can be hung. This includes those wine glasses for your guests! Your kitchen will look organized, and it is also a great way to complement the design of your kitchen.


Kitchen design with a hanging rack above the sink to make it easier for you to store kitchen utensils, and your kitchen looks neat and perfect.


Storage is an important part of your kitchen. To keep the kitchen area clean and tidy, maybe with a hanging rack on the ceiling on the kitchen table, make your kitchen look comfortable and classy.

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The kitchen is an area inside the house that can affect the quality of family health, so you need to pay attention to your kitchen hygiene factor. Implementing storage in the kitchen can help you keep the kitchen clean. For example, a hanging rack made of wood, to store a glass, to stay hygienic and clean in your kitchen.

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Modern minimalist kitchen concept that blends with the dining room, desperately needs storage space, besides many kitchen utensils. Maybe hanging rack is a solution for storing kitchen appliances, so the kitchen looks clean throughout Day.

The kitchen requires adequate storage. This one kitchen design utilizes the entire kitchen ceiling. Hanging ceiling racks made of wood for storing knives and fryers to make the kitchen area look neat and clean.

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With the L-shaped kitchen, you can install a hanging rack on the kitchen table to store your kitchen utensils, and look neat and clean.


This one kitchen design uses a ceiling hanging rack for storage. With wooden hanging shelves, modern minimalist kitchen designs like this, you don’t need to worry anymore the kitchen looks messy.

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2. Multipurpose Organizers

Having organizers for batches of things, like your utensils and food container, will make a great difference into your kitchen. You can purchase stackable drawer organizer for your spoons and forks. There is also an organizer specifically made for food containers to make it easier for people to get the right lids for each of the containers.


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One way you can use to make your kitchen look beautiful is to pay attention to the location of the goods. For example, a white drawer integrated with a sink to put some kitchen utensils. It’s always good when your kitchen appliances are very well organized.




Using a drawer made of wood that will make the room seem natural. And make use of some modern kitchen appliances that really help you when making food. So this design is one of the designs that is worth your try.


In addition, our kitchen will also look more vivid, provided you always have to maintain cleanliness. A small kitchen storage, like a drawer, is optional. That way when you see your kitchen, you’ll also feel comfortable with the kitchen layout you have.

For those of you who like neat things, you can try this kitchen design. Placing drawers in the sink, to place your cooking utensils and kitchen ingredients properly will add to your kitchen neat and clean.

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With the window in the kitchen, there is a slight problem with storage. It might make sense, for that we have a storage solution, put a drawer under the sink for knives and pans, plates, etc. That way your kitchen will look neater and cleaner.

Occupancy is very instrumental in accommodating the current family lifestyle. One area that has an important role in launching family activities in daily life is the kitchen. Storage is a staple for the kitchen, with drawers integrated with a sink, to hold spoons, herbs and other utensils.

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3. Baskets for Bulky Things

If you have cabinets that are big in size, you can make use of baskets to organize your things. This way, you can maximize those spaces in the cabinets. It is also the best way to classify your things. You can even label each of the baskets to cut time to search around for the things you need.


Small kitchen storage ideas use baskets or boxes above your kitchen cabinets to store your things. With the arrangement of storage baskets above the cabinets will look more presentable your kitchen.


Interesting creative storage ideas in your kitchen, you can put a metal basket, to store items. With this design, your kitchen will look neat and clean.

This kitchen concept is one of the kitchen concepts that is widely used by the wider community. For example a basket above a white cabinet that functions to store goods. Maybe this kitchen concept is considered simpler that will make your kitchen look neat and spacious.

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To make it look more neat and clean, the concept of the kitchen like this makes your space neater. Storage baskets on white cabinets will make you easy to store your items and create a more neat and beautiful kitchen.


Combining various colors will make your kitchen look more beautiful and elegant. Of course, the colors that you use to match each other, and also according to the state of your kitchen. You can place storage baskets above cabinets to store things and make your kitchen look neat and comfortable.

By using a kitchen cabinet made of wood that will make the room look natural. And using a basket on top of a cupboard for goods storage will help you greatly. So this design is one that you should try.

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4. Hanging Shelves

This kitchen organization tip is a common idea to save space in your house, and you can totally implement this into your kitchen. Shelves are perfect to store your spices, and if you love to cook, you must have loads of them. They make it easier for you to organize things, plus you get a lot of extra storages!

A small hanging rack made of stainless steel which is attached to a hanging rack for kitchen utensils can save space but your kitchen looks clean.

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A great idea for a kitchen hanging rack unit. It is made of simple shelves and is open for storing herbs and spices with shelves for bottle. The shelves are only attached to the wall. The silver lining will suit almost every kitchen.

A creative way to store your herbs and spices, when using this tool shelf, place it right next to the sink. You can also install it on the wall, where all your equipment will be displayed correctly.

For a unique look, attach the stems to open wall space and hang your spices in a basket. The functional iron rack that is hung in the kitchen above the sink, you can easily store spices and herbs.

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An adorable, functional iron rack that hangs in the kitchen above the sink. This will give you comfort for all the important things. This simple rack will hold all the herbs and spices.

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Isn’t a kitchen organizer a lifesaver? These ways of kitchen organization will not only add extra space to your kitchen. You will find it easier to do any kind of cooking there. Look forward to your new, reorganized kitchen where you can cook your favorite meals with ease!


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