There are some criteria to have a perfect outdoor space, such as weather-resistant decorations, attractive furniture, and useful spaces. But, since the cost of furnishing our outdoor can get too pricy and drain your wallet, you can choose the DIY projects on your own that save the money and let you learn to be creative. In addition to that, you can design the spaces in your home as you want it. So, here are the 5 DIY outdoor decorating ideas. 

1. Creating a Personalized Doormat

First thing first, you may want to make your guests feel comfortable while visiting your house. So, it is nice of you to welcome them with a warmth message. You can make a personalised doormat 

When visitors enter your home, your doormat is one of the first things they will see. It’s easy to make a warm and friendly welcome with personalized mats for each season. For example, doormats combined with flower ornaments on the door, and some ornaments on the front porch, create a cozy and rustic atmosphere.

Choose a weatherproof doormat for your outdoor space. Then add your personal touch by adjusting each doormat with decorative flowers ornament, pumpkins, and straw, to create warmth in the patio area of ​​your home.


It’s easy to make a warm, friendly welcome with personalized doormats for each season. Our special welcome set is weather resistant and can be used on the terrace or outdoors to catch rain, mud, and snow from shoes and boots before guests enter your home. A little touch of the hand on the mat will make an impression for your guests.

The doormat is weather-resistant, antibacterial, faded and damaged in open spaces. You can make your guests memorable. For example, brown doormats combined with patterned carpets, to create a cozy and warm terrace.

Browse through our choices to find exclusive designs and unique styles that will complement any home decoration. Choose from five size mats, including our outdoor design. For example, you can combine doormats with flower ornaments on the door, to greet your guests with warmth and memories.

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2. Make your stylish house number 

You know that visiting one’s house will be challenging if the person never put their house number. How can we know which the right house if the number is not shown? So, you may like the idea to make your house number by using a fancy and readable font. You also can put it under the light so people can see it even in the night. 

The house design with the house number installed under the lights on the porch wall will make your terrace look clear and attractive. With the installation of a lamp, facilitate the search for the address of the house at night.

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Installing numbers on the porch on the wall will be very helpful to access your home. For that we have a creative number design combined with antique wall lights on the terrace, to create a bright atmosphere on the front porch of your home.

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The exterior design of the front porch in your home with a number that is combined with perfect lighting, so that it’s easy to see. By installing your terrace number, it will make it perfect and easy to access your home.

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A cool look can be provided by many modern homes that are installed on terraces. For example, if you have a house with a stone wall, you should be able to complete this project without complications. To get a neat and clear appearance, add a wall lamp above the house number, so it is easier to find your home address at night.

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Creative design of modern home numbers with affordable wooden trunks. For months, I have had a DIY house number on the “to do” list and this month’s dowel theme was the perfect opportunity to complete it.

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3. A light that guides you home 

Perhaps you have many unused bottles in your house and do not know what to do with them. So, it is time to make useful by making candlelight with your recycled bottle. You can paint it and put the candle insight. The candle is not only beautiful but also useful to make the bugs away. 

Creative ideas for charming outdoor spaces, Use your old bottles well with this fun and easy craft. For example, take a few empty bottles and glass tubes and spray paint or dip it in paint to give it a chic look.

Use your old bottles well with this fun and easy craft. This impressive DIY makes the conversation with friends and family last longer in the yard with a disused used bottle torch at your party.

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It’s time to recycle with style! Use your old bottles well with this fun and easy DIY craft. Change the appearance of a deck, terrace or fence with this impressive tiki torch. Your guests will be at a loss for words when describing the aesthetics of your outdoor party.

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An attractive outdoor design that you should try. By using a used wine bottle as a candle holder to light up the garden and other outdoor spaces. Candles dripping on the bottle will bring a warm and romantic touch to the atmosphere.

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This wine bottle craft is one that you want to pull every spring to use on your patio. These tiki torches will add light and atmosphere to your outside space, but they can also be filled with lemongrass oil to repel mosquitoes.

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4. Put a porch as a welcome greeting

A modern porch that put in front of your house will be very helpful for the guest that wait for you outside. You can also add personalized words to introduce your family’s value. 

The welcome design depends on the angle with a unique whiteboard, which can make your terrace extraordinary. With candles and flowers to decorate your terrace, which makes your guests memorable and comfortable.

The welcome terrace design next to the entrance is made of wood. With welcome sign combined with several ornaments, create a comfortable and memorable terrace area.

A handmade bouquet made of several pieces of cloth, over a pastel colored door will make a striking welcome sign. Equipped with a wooden sign in the corner with a white base that matches your home, it will be ready for visitors.

Simple DIY front porch signs made of wooden boards are a cheap and fun way to add a little rustic charm to your entrance.

To add a little charm to the entrance area, you can use a welcome board next to the patio door, to create a friendly and memorable atmosphere.

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5. Mini flower garden 

Everybody loves a flower, right? So, let’s create your mini garden in your outdoor spaces to make you more relax and add some freshness to your house. 

Interesting little garden ideas for you to try, with natural colors. White hydrangeas on green plants make your front yard fresher and more amazing.

The home page is an inseparable part of our residence. Because it is very reasonable if you try to make a small garden. For example, the small garden next to the house with flower plants in a box, with colorful flowers make a comfortable and bright atmosphere.

To create a comfortable and fresh atmosphere, maybe you should try this design. With allium flowers having the ideal height, shape, and color, it will make your little garden more perfect.

The front page is an introductory space that will take visitors to recognize the first house when entering the yard. With a mini flower garden beside the terrace with colorful flowers will create a comfortable atmosphere for your visitors.

An attractive front yard with flowers combined with perfect lighting makes the atmosphere bright and classy.

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Now, you already know what to do with your outdoor decoration, then what are you waiting for? 


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