These are the best thing that can happen on a calm Saturday evening. You can read a book, have a chat, or just want to enjoy your time because these fire pit designs will improve your mood. Take a look!

1. Modern Fire Pit Table

You gather around the table with your family or friends. Only, the table is also your fire pit. This simple and amazing idea is easy to make, especially with cement. You only need to build a normal table but leave a big hole in the middle of it. Make sure you give some space for the fire because you don’t want your things to get burned.

A fire pit made of cement will look more unique, making sure to provide a fire chamber so that your items don’t burn. And your fire pit will look cool.

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This modern-inspired concrete fire pit is the perfect place to warm yourself on a cold night. That way you will always be warm next to it.

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The living room will be more attractive with a fire pit on the table will also warm the room in winter, so that your living room will look perfect.

A long cement table in the middle of the hole for the fireplace will look beautiful, so you will be very comfortable in the living room.

You only need to build a normal table but leave a big hole in the middle, so that a fireplace pit will be created there, and it will warm the atmosphere.

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2. Bowl-Shaped Fire Pit


It is a very obvious cement fire pit design you want to try. It is simple but also classy. Just mind the scaling with your chairs and build it with mold. Add some objects so it looks like a bowl full of fire and food. For a better result, apply some acid stains so your fire pit will also look shiny.

They show how cool your own DIY concrete fire pit is. With a little work, you can produce better and more classic results.

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Made of reinforced concrete in the completion of natural cement, the pan’s fire pit can be used with wood or processed for use with gas. so that your fire pit will look perfect.

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These fire pits have a somewhat aesthetic role rather than functional ones, but they are still a good choice for those who want to warm their feet every day.

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A bowl fire pit made of cement will look more beautiful, so you can warm your body for cold day.

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Your backyard will look more beautiful, with a bowl fire pit in the backyard that will look more attractive.

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3. Plant Pot-Shaped Fire Pit

The mechanism is like the bowl-shape fire pit. Only, it will be better if you do it with gases. This installation needs some accurate sizes for you to place the propane container, the object to burn, and the pot design. If you make it right, it will ultimately look gorgeous because the pot has no flower, it’s fire!

Fire pit with a pot made of cement will look more attractive, and what if installed on your terrace will look more beautiful.

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A fire pit in the shape of a plant pot will look perfect when installing on your patio, thereby adding to the atmosphere of warmth.

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Your front porch will look more beautiful with a fire pit in the form of potted plants there so that your terrace will look more perfect in winter.

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Your backyard will look more perfect, a few wooden chairs and a potted plant-shaped fire pit will make your backyard even more beautiful.

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A few chairs and a fire pit in the shape of a potted plant installed in your back garden will look attractive, so your back garden will look more perfect.

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4. Traditional Well Fire Pit

The idea is to make a traditional hand-dug well design. So, you are going to need red bricks. Don’t worry, you can also build them with cement. Add two standing sticks as if it is for a bucket. On the contrary, you can use them to make a meat skewer.

Your backyard will look beautiful, with fire pit you can relax there while baking feet when winter comes.

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Firepit wells made of cement and stone will increasingly look sturdy, so it will make your backyard beautiful.

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With your hearth brick material will look classic but modern, so the atmosphere of your backyard will be more interesting.

Your fire pit will look unique, with a combination of brick and cement that will make your fire pit well stronger.

The back garden of your house will be more beautiful, some wooden furniture such as tables and chairs will add to your garden perfect, not to mention the fire pit made of concrete will also add to the luxury of your garden.

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5. Wine Barrel Cement Fire Pit


The idea of this design is that you can lift the fire pit from the backyard to your patio. So, you need it light but also safer or anti-burning. That is why you will put a container made from cement on the top for your burning logs. Of course, the wine barrel is not the only option. 

Try something that is strong enough to hold the container because it is very hot.

Firepit installed in front of the house will be more beautiful, you can put a container made of cement at the top for firewood and wine barrels at the bottom. so that the fire pit will look antique.

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Wine barrels on top of which installed cement boards for firewood will look beautiful for a fireplace pit in the front yard. That way you can bake your feet in winter.

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If you want to make a fire pit to look unique, you can simply put cement board on a wine barrel for a wooden container, so your fire pit will look attractive.

With a cement board to place the wood on a wine barrel will make your fire pit look beautiful.

The front porch of your house will be warmer with a fire pit installed there, a wine barrel of which is installed a cement board to put firewood.

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