Making walkway with cement is probably the easiest way to do because cement is always flexible. You only need a mold or, in some cases, you can make it with your bare hands. Unlike built-in pavers, these DIY cement walkway ideas let you explore the design and the accurate scale to your backyard or patio. And, it also fits your budget. Let’s go!

1. Combining Concrete Paving with Sand

To minimize your budget, make sure you use your concrete material effectively. So, the idea of this design is to make a walkway with a small concrete appliance and combine them with white sand around the concrete. It is way cheaper but can go aesthetic too. Try to make some eye-catching designs that can be a highlight around the white sand. 

Making a footpath with concrete combined with white sand will look stronger, so your footpath will last longer. This design makes your pathways look clean.

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With concrete combined with sand, you can make footpath look stronger and stronger, so your footpath will look better.

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This path made from sand and white cement will look strong and durable. So your garden will also look more perfect.

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Your front yard will look beautiful, with a concrete path and white sand will strengthen your path. So that your yard will look wider and better.

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Your backyard will look beautiful, with some greenery and blooming flowers. Concrete paths and white sand will also make your backyard look attractive.

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Although it is a standard road design, stepping stone made of concrete and white cement is never out of style. They function as part of your overall landscape.

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2. Circle Paving Walkway


The idea is to make paving with a hole in the middle so you can put something in it like cobblestone, grass, or just a different color of cement. Besides the curvy shape that has a fun and comfortable vibe, it is also cheaper because you need less material. If you have more budget, you can also apply this idea with another shape like a rectangle, triangle, or other geometric shapes.

Making pathways with cement is the easiest way to do. Cement is always flexible, with a round footpath there will be more beautiful in your lawn garden.

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A cement walkway and next to the gravel will look beautiful, so it will make your garden look more attractive. This combination give a natural feel in your garden.

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These round stepping stones scattered throughout the yard create a fun path and place to practice your jumping skills. It will also add to your garden’s beauty.

The warm stones create a wide path in the backyard of your single-family home. The grass between the rocks will also beautify your path.

This round stepping stone is surrounded by grass that connects various areas of the park. This design adds a touch of pleasure to its circular shape. So your garden will look more perfect.

The circular stepping stone surrounded by small pebbles, lights, and greenery creates a path through this backyard that looks even more beautiful and comfortable.

Many options to make a pathway in your garden. You can build this with cement material and combine it with black stone. This design make beauty for your garden.

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3. Curvy Irregular Shape

Play with texture. The idea is to highlight the texture of the cement which is porous and rough. So, and if you are bored with a flat surface of a walkway, strengthen them by making it irregular. Some abstract designs are a perfect match to this concept because it can be aesthetic too. For the most, you don’t need a mold to make this when you can make an abstract walkway with your bare hands. Cheaper, right?

Curved paths with stone pavers filled with blue and white stones pass through trees and are connected by a rectangular footing at the end. It will add to your garden’s beauty.

These are pavers that are printed with a leaf frame on the surface. You may rarely see it at first glance but if you look closer, you can see the other parts are very beautiful.

This crooked path is designed with red concrete and black and white stone mosaics creating a decorative texture. Medium-sized stones scattered on the sides to keep it looking perfect.

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Decorative oval pavers with painted leaf designs. In each of the other pavers is a cotton bush that is planted in its hole while the curb is brown, gray and white. Keep the garden looking beautiful.

Oval pavers with stones and greenery around the corner look simple and decorative. So your garden will look more beautiful and attractive.

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And if you are bored with flat road surfaces, strengthen it by making irregular paths, with uneven cement stones will make your paths more unique.

Your garden looks very beautiful with some flowers and greenery, irregular curved paths will also add to your garden perfectly.

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4. Colorful Walkway 

Cement is not always grey. You can also add some colors to your mixture and design the walkway as you like. To keep it cheaper, try to pick two or three colors only. So, chose some earthy color that is more moderate and is in style even the color is limited. 

Make sure they work together with your patio design or backyard. You can do it by yourself, right?


Your garden will look antique, with colorful pathways that make of cement material your garden will look more beautiful and attractive.

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A colored stone walkway gives an impression of elegance and simplicity. The grey background with blue tones is a pleasure to see.

Walkways don’t have to be lame black and white or grey stones. These colorful small-sized ceramics will make your walkway look joyful. It can be executed with either a full range of rainbow colors or 3 complementary colors for a more minimal look.

A well-structured geometrical walkway with white, beige and violet stones. Lined with regular bricks, this pathway has a minimalist design but the material contrast catches the eye immediately.

This style uses a multicolored cement patterned of bricks to create a texture with an abstract architecture that looks sophisticated. Colored cement has a good advantage over other colored options, as they always look clean.

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Make sure colorful pathways with cement material. You can try with bright color like red, yellow and green color to make a colorful look.

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