A mini garden would be lovely to be put at your outdoor spaces. But flowers and planters sometimes cost a lot, and you don’t want to put too much on your outdoor. Now, you can create modern cement planters on your own. It is cheaper, and the good news is you can contribute to reducing the impact of climate change by using the recycled ones. 

1. Using Plastic Containers

To make the modern planter, you will need a small plastic container, cement concrete, scissors, and a beautiful small succulent. In addition to that, you may also need a non-stick tray. Firstly, you can fill the tray with the cement and centre the plastic container inside. Let them sit for few minutes. After that, you can remove the tray and the plastic container. Now, you can put the sand and the beautiful succulent inside. 


If you like succulent plants, you can try to make a cement planter. This design is simple and easy to try at home.

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You can try this planter, the rectangular cement planter is perfect for you. Besides simple, this material is durable for your furniture.

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Don’t afraid to make your planter with cement material. This design easy to find at home. And you can save your cost.

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Colorful plants that look beautiful and beautiful provide freshness to your yard. Trays made of cement give an elegant impression to your plants.

Simple succulent planting using a tray made of cement for your home accessories. This design can make an elegant impression for your home.

Making succulent with a tray made of cement which is said to be very simple. This site will be a feature element in interior design and home decoration to make it look more elegant.

There is nothing wrong with planting succulents using a cement tray. In addition to making it easy and affordable, this plant will give a different feel to your home.



Triangular tray with succulent plants that look simple and easy to make will provide a unique sauce for your home.

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A tray made of white painted cement will look clean, beautiful succulent plants will provide a beautiful view for people looking at this furniture.

Beautiful and creative succulent planting with hexagon-shaped cement tray will give your home its own uniqueness.

Making a beautiful cement tray full of love and charming creativity makes your succulent plants look more beautiful.

This unique cement tray shaped like a terraced house gives its own charm. Green succulent plants look fresh and give an elegant feel to your home.

Succulent planting with those made of cement you can try at home, in addition to making it easy and affordable, this plant gives a simple and elegant impression for your home.

The round cement tray with the S border is very unique for your succulent plants. The addition of white and black pebbles gives an elegant impression to this plant.

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2. Using Towels

The other way to make the cement planter is by using another shape, such as a towel! You can also make the small hanging planter with this. You can decide the size you want. The smaller the size, the lesser you need the towel. But, if you want to create a big planter towel, you will need a bigger towel. First thing first, you will need the towel and the cement. To make the cement concrete, you will need to mix it with water. Add water as much as you want. But, it will better to make it less fluid by adding only a couple glass of water. 

After having the cement concrete, mix the concrete with the towel in it in the bucket. When the towel is covered with the cement concrete, let it dry for one hour or two. Then, to make the cement planter more colourful, you can paint it as you like. Finally, you can add flowers, small succulents, or artificial flowers. Since it is made from cement concrete, your planters will be durable in any weather. 

Flower pot made of towels with a mixture of cement, you can give the color according to your wishes so that the pot looks more attractive.

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The mixture of towels and cement forms a very unique flower facade. The making of used goods is an idea and perfect creativity. Design or shape settings according to your taste.

The addition of a perfect color provides its own beauty for the pot made of this towel. The colors that make this potato look attractive and look more elegant.

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The attractive color of this pot provides beauty and beauty in the eye. In addition to being used as a creative flower pot made from used towels which can be cemented with cement, it can be used as decoration for your home.

Unique pot made from used materials mixed with cement gives its own charm and looks charming. The addition of different colors makes flower pots more colorful and shows perfect beauty.

Towels can be made into useful things. Including being a unique flower pot or vase to arrange your favorite flowers. Mix it with cement mixture to make a pot that can be used for display on the terrace.

Interesting and very beautiful flower pots made from towels mixed with cement make this a unique creation. The added color of the trembling gives its own beauty to your pot.

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Plant pots in cement pots made from used towels have become a trend for your plants. The addition of colors that make this pot look more beautiful and attractive.

Unique and classy pots that make your garden more beautiful. Making pots made of used cloth mixed with cement. The addition of colors makes this pot more attractive.

Towels as used goods or maybe useless junk can you turn into a unique flower pot or plant pot that we rarely find on the market. You can make your ornamental plants look even more beautiful and charming by putting them in flower pots from this towel.

A beautiful garden with greenery and side by side with flowers looks more charming. Adding flower pots made from used towels mixed with cement makes it unique for your garden.

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