Let’s admit it, sometimes furniture sucks. You bought them a month ago and now the hinges are already broken. So, one of the solutions is by installing a cement table. It does give you a steady and minimalist look but also durability. This is how you can make it by yourself. 

1. Rectangle Cement Table

This is the easiest DIY cement table for you. The idea is to make a rectangle shape with cement. As simple as that. Don’t underestimate it. This design is very popular for an outdoor or patio coffee shop. It does a good option if you want to find a minimalist look but also with durable material. So, it is good for business. 

First of all, you are going to need a table mold. So, build it by yourself or buy in the store because some store sells this thing. After that, prepare your cement mixture and pour to the mold. Don’t forget to screed it because you want your table super flat. Wait for 3-4 days and your table is ready.

Concrete table design combined with cement benches, to create a cozy atmosphere in your patio. This furniture is perfect for outdoor.

Rectangular table that made of cement material combined with an iron table leg, makes this coffee table sturdy and weather-resistant for outdoor.

If you like a best furniture for your outdoor, you can choose cement furniture. The cement table is perfect and long last for your patio decoration.

Concrete table design with neatly arranged red brick legs makes this table look natural in your patio. This furniture is a low budget.

The design of the coffee drinking area on the terrace is attractive and budget-saving. For example, a rectangular coffee table made of cement material makes you comfortable terrace.

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DIY concrete coffee table with polished wooden base is the right choice for outdoor coffee bar areas because it is weather resistant and durable.

DIY concrete coffee table ideas combined with teak wooden legs make the appearance of an outdoor look classy.

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DIY rectangular concrete outdoor coffee table with flower ornaments and wooden legs will make your concrete table look sturdy and classy.

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An elegant rectangular DIY cement table combined with a dark floor, which makes you comfortable in the terrace.

DIY outdoor concrete table combined with patterned carpet, to make your patio look classy and comfortable.

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2. Cement Table Top

You may have seen this design frequently. That is because the cement accent is brought as a highlight. It looks minimalist, calm, but also formal and sophisticated. The good thing is, you can move the table as you like. 

So, you only need to put the board of cement on top of the table frame. It means, this design can be applied to every table design available. FYI, you can also apply a cement dipper technique to make a cement tablecloth that will fit exactly to your table.

This stylish dining table adds an industrial feel to your dining experience with a waterproof gray cement top on dark acacia wood with a cross design. Contemporary, but traditional, looks good outside or in the dining room


The garden design with its soft gray tops makes it suitable for providing a spacious dining room, but it will also be stylish furniture that your guests enjoy.

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With superiors made of cement, giving a smooth and clean look, to the frame and legs of Acacia wood, this outdoor table and bench arrange a natural beauty with the industry.

Cement tabletops, benches, Garden Trading trends with industrial finishes, the right choice for anyone who wants to add a touch of style to the kitchen or dining room, or dining room furniture that emphasizes contemporary design.

The garden design is an interesting for you to try, e.g. with a boss made of concrete cement, giving a smooth and clean look, to the frame and legs of Acacia wood, this outdoor table and bench set the natural beauty.

To create a comfortable and classy atmosphere in the backyard, with superiors made of cement fibers, giving a smooth and clean look, to the frame and feet of a wood, there is a trending open-air dining area.

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Garden design, coffee table with sturdy tops. The gap in the middle is filled with soil and plants, this design can be an attraction for you to try.

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3. Cement Cabinet-Table 

The idea is to make a table which has a storage system. So, you will install some kind of drawer, as most of the office table does. You can build them with a solid cement table or combine them with wood or metal. This design is very handy for your kitchen.

The design of a concrete countertops kitchen with storage drawers below will make your kitchen look modern and clean.

The L-shaped cement kitchen table design with a storage drawer below will make your kitchen look sleek and neat.

The L-shaped cement kitchen table that integrates with the storage drawers, will make a neat and clean in your home kitchen.


Cement kitchen table which is integrated with drawer and sink will make it easier for you to store kitchen utensils so that your kitchen is kept clean.

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The design of a long concrete kitchen table that blends with the storage drawer looks luxurious. Decorating the DIY table kitchen with cement fiber and neat arrangement will make your kitchen look sleek and space-saving.

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Minimalist kitchen design to save budget. For example, a concrete cement table is combined with a storage drawer below to store a kitchen trash bucket, so that your kitchen stays clean and comfortable.

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The design of the kitchen with a concrete cement kitchen table that is integrated with a storage area, will make it easier for you to put your kitchen equipment in so that your kitchen looks neat and clean.

With a smooth concrete cement kitchen table and a storage area, will make it easier for you to enter kitchen equipment. With this design, your kitchen looks sleek and stylish.

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So, make up the design plan and prepare the materials. One example, try to make a cement table frame. It means you only need to add the storage system with drawers or just a container. You need extra effort but it will be badass!


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