If you feel cobblestone or paving will cost you too much, consider using cement staining. Cement staining is like dyeing. All you going to do is buy a can of cement stain and apply it to your floor. It is way easier and cheaper than installing paving, ceramics, or hardwood floor. Also, it stunningly beautiful! Here’s how to do a cement stain DIY.

1. Cement Acid Stains

Staining is like dyeing with a translucent colour and makes the texture of the object is visible. So, your porous and rough look of concrete will be super aesthetic and elegant because it looks natural. Plus, stains will not fade, chip, or peel off.

Cement acid stains arguably the strongest stain you can have. It is suggested that this type of stain will keep the colour permanent, not fade, peel or chip, depending on the concrete’s durability. However, the chemical reaction sometimes changes the object’s colour. It is best used for the outdoor floor.



The outdoor floor of the house is arguably the strongest acid stain you can have so that your patio will look more beautiful and perfect.

Amazing color design made of cement material. The design is simple but can produce beauty for your yard decoration.

Your front yard will look attractive with a shiny brown floor that won’t fade easily. So your front yard will look more beautiful.

With a cement floor make your terrace look more beautiful. Chose the brown color to create a farmhouse feel. By adding stone and some house plants give a natural impression.

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Make your floor look amazing and modern with the cement material. You can try with light brown color and get perfect outdoor decorations.

Your stained cement patio will look more beautiful that can you can have, so your terrace will look even more amazing. For your terrace this design is the best idea.


You want to see your porch look perfect with stained cement patios. Concrete floors with acid stains that will make your terrace more attractive and clean.

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The perfect ideas for outdoor decoration make your floor with Cement Acid Stains. This design give a natural but modern look for your outdoor space.

Many ways to beautify your outdoor. By adding cement accid stain on your floor give a natural impression. You can build this for terrace or walkways.

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2. Water-Based Cement Stains

It is like acid stains, but it is way more friendly for the object’s natural colour. This effect will let you explore some aesthetic experiment because you can do colour layering. Water-based cement stains also come with various types, for example, solid colour, semi-transparent, and acrylic. 

Because it is water-based, it is safer to use and faster in drying times. The thing is, this type of stains is not as tough as acid-based stain, even it is also UV stable that can be used outdoor too. So, it is best used for indoor.

If you want to make your floor shiny like water, you have to use a combination of dye and acid cement so that your floor looks more beautiful and stronger.

Brown water-based cement stain floor will look more shine. If installed in your living room it will probably add to your room’s beauty.

Water-based cement stain floor design will look more attractive, brown color can also add to the perfect room.

If you feel cobblestone or paving will cost you too much, consider using cement staining. Cement staining is like dyeing. All you going to do is buy a can of cement and apply it to your floor. So your floor will look more shiny and beautiful.

The combination of the cement floor with glossy brown color will also make your room look more amazing. Besides that this design is durable.

Many ways to decorate your cement floor, you can try to make a based water cement stain with light brown color. This design is perfect for large space and give a natural feel.

Change your floor with based water cement stain design. Besides it’s perfect, this decoration really amazing for your indoor.

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Your room will be more beautiful with a cement water stain floor design, so that your room will look more attractive and perfect.

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3. Concrete Stains Colour

This type of stains could be the best because it is durable and available in various colour. You can still have the aesthetic function but also the ability that will not fade, chip, or peel off.  Some available colours are brown, blue, grey, tan, until terra cotta. By the way, you can combine some colors like when you do a graffiti work. 

The thing is, be careful in applying these chemicals. Wear some protective gear like boots, gloves and safety goggles with a respirator. See? It is an easy cement stain DIY and stunningly beautiful!

Blue Acid Stained Concrete Floor Will Make Your Living Room More Beautiful, So You Will Feel At Home In The Room.

Lovely cement acid stain design for your indoor decoration. Make it perfect with a light blue color that will give a perfect and nice ambiance.

Your Living Room Will Look Unique, With Acid Blue Stained Concrete Floors. Besides unique, this design gives a nice and look like the sea.

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Many people like a neutral color like grey. If you also like this color you can try to make a cement floor with a grey base color. This color gives a clean and fresh look.

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If you are going to make your floor look beautiful, you can still have an aesthetic function but also an ability that will not fade, peel, or peel. The brown color may be very suitable for your room.

Terracotta cement floor will look more attractive, so it will make your room more stylish and beautiful. This color look like a wood natural color.

The front yard with a terracotta stain floor will make your house look more perfect. This design give inspiration for your outdoor decoration.

Many ways to decorate your cement floor, you can try making terracotta dyes with a dark brown color. This design is perfect for large yards and gives a natural feel.

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