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3 Fabulous Vintage Living Room Wall Décor

Vintage does not have to be old but it could give you a nostalgic vibe of the past. Here are 3 fabulous vintage living room wall décor ideas.

Antiques are a significant component of decoration for the ideal vintage interior design. Antiques can be used here as wall decor to highlight a space where residents and visitors could receive nostalgia from the past while in the room. Below, you will see the inspiration of a fabulous vintage Living room wall decor ideas for those who want to change the look of the interior and adopt a classic, authentic yet classy feel.

1. Metal Wall Décor

Metal wall décor could be in any form of design you like such as a flower or medallion. It could be placed above the couch or table to highlight itself from the rest of the room. This would bring the vintage yet classy vibe into the living room itself.

The interconnected metal ring is perfect for decorating the walls of your living room. With metal wall art in this living room, will add a vintage feel implied from neat and beautiful round metal strands.

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Metal wall decorations for your living room at home. For example, a picture framed with metal above a sofa, makes your living room look unique and vintage.

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Wall decoration with a metal web pattern an above a white sofa, to add a vintage and memorable atmosphere. With this cheap and easy design, you can try it in your living room.

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Metal box wall decor is one of the interesting arts to create a vintage and beautiful looking living room.

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Design a living room with a classic metal frame mirror, then join the others into furniture, lamps, chairs and more. This idea will add luxury and vintage to your living room.

Bronze metal has a luxurious luster without glare. This bronze-inspired living room is modern, classy and soft. Attractive metal wall art features a comfortable sofa. The best feature of this room is the intricate bronze center table – unique, creatively designed, beautifully.

An antique metal patterned wall decoration design above a white sofa, to create an antique atmosphere implied from metal art that has a leaf pattern with a combination of colorful and memorable in your living room.

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The art style implicit in the living room wall creates a nostalgic atmosphere. For example, you can arrange paintings with brass metal frames in various shapes, and neatly arranged. With this design, it will make the living room look vintage and elegant.

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2. Wood Plank Wall Art

Rustic wood framed wall art could be made and written by yourself, or you can easily buy one. It is usually written with a positive quote or pencil look drawing so that when people read or saw it, they will feel welcome and happy when they walk into the Living room area.

Wood wall art in the living room combined with a seating area and some ornaments, to enhance your living room. With rustic wood framed wall art that writing implied a sense of comfort and friendliness.



Hand-written wooden wall art in the rustic living room with a seating area gives a nice and beautiful impression. With wood-framed art ornaments, it can create warmth as you assemble.

The idea of a rustic living room with a gallery of handwritten wooden board ornaments is placed above the fireplace. This decoration will make your guests memorable and comfortable.

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The wall above the sofa is one of the beautiful places in your home for a rustic wooden sign. It makes a guest or gathering place comfortably.

The rustic living room design with old wooden clocks above the white sofas create a vintage living room. The wooden touch and some house plants give a natural and fresh impression.

Rustic living room wall decorations with wooden material is a good idea. For example, you can make handwriting with wood, or ornament old wires above a brown sofa, making your living room comfortable and friendly.

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Handwritten wall hangings in the corner are combined with large white chairs and other elements. This vintage living room decoration makes your guests feel comfortable and memorable.

The living room with a simple design, for example, handwritten art combined with leaf ornaments arranged in old wood on a wooden chair. With this design, give a rural home.

Give your living room a rustic touch by creating a wall gallery. In order for your guests to feel happy when visiting an impressive home.

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3. Old posters

You can put up some of your old favourite posters, such as movie posters or a picture of your favourite idol in the past. Or, you could always buy one or make it yourself by printing it out. The old retro vibe and past nostalgia pictures would give your guest something to chat about.

Mix and match posters, fashionable old pictures with modern and retro furniture. Everything will look super chic, especially for a small living room space.

Mix and match framed pictures with abstract painting and create a cool and modern gallery wall for your living room. To give a bohemian vibe in this dreamy space add green plants and ethnic prints, everything will look gorgeous.

Get a little abstract and create lots of optical illusions in your charming living room by blending and matching abstract paintings with black and white-framed images that show architecture and a bit of beautiful greenery.

Create Cool gallery walls around your living room focusing on old and artistic pictures. Add also a frame in different sizes and take it in black and white, this will beautify your living room and be very memorable.

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An interesting and attractive living room design. For example, you mix framed images with abstract art. Then, choose a neutral color for your living room and focus on two colors. This, the walls of your gallery will actually make a statement in your living room.

Decorating the living room with a vintage style. If you like fashion and have a minimal, Scandinavian or elegant living room, choose famous photos, pictures with supermodels, this will beautify your living room and be very memorable.

Get super artsy by picking only black and white pictures for your gallery wall. Place them having in mind a perfect symmetry and also choose a theme or a story to tell through them.

If you have a large living room, choose a large gallery wall that moves from one wall to another. Choose only black and white images and choose the theme you like. You can even frame personal souvenirs or pictures, all of which will be beautiful and comfortable.

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Those are the different wall decors that are easy and effective to hang on the wall. However, do not put too much as it would disrupt the living room vintage décor flow and style.

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