To begin with, consider how American decorating styles in 1930 to 1960 looked like (the exact year of Hollywood Golden Age) then add them with exaggeration of Hollywood persona: glamour. If this type of decoration what you are searching for, especially if you are a cinephilia, here’s how you do it.

1. Using Colour and Pattern

First thing first, colour or pattern will be all about contrast and scale. The idea is making an exaggerated vibe room so visually striking, yet also looks and feels right. To apply this idea, colour can be an essential part to play as the first layer, and furniture or accessories play a part as the opposite, or vice versa. So, what colour? Hollywood demands you something shiny and glittering.


A unique modern gold chandelier combined with sparkling stone tables and patterned carpet. This design will make your living room look elegant and brilliant.


Hollywood glam decoration for bedrooms with gold-patterned wallpaper combined with vintage bedding and unique shape lightings.


Bedroom decor with patterned carpet, a unique gold chandelier and an antique round tables under the bed. With this design, it will make your bedroom look brilliant with a golden age style.


Having a comfortable room will certainly be everyone’s desire, for example decorating a bedroom with patterned walls combined with glam furniture and a chandelier. This design create your bedroom in an old hollywood style glam.


The design options for the bedroom certainly follow our wishes and certainly prioritize comfort. The luxurious bedroom needs a careful arrangement so that the business we do produces the work according to the design we want. For example, with gold-patterned walls powered by sparkling furniture and a unique chandelier make your room look brilliant with old Hollywood glam decorations.


Hollywood Glam decorations for the living room in your home. For example, a seating area combined with patterned carpet and a mirror with a gold frame make your living room look fancy in a golden age style.


Glamorous dining room decoration with round glass tables, patterned pillows, an antique chandelier, and a gold-patterned ceiling. This design makes your dining room look beautiful and sparkling.


Living room decoration is simple for you to try. Patterned walls combined with a unique table lamp and a hanging chandelier make your living room look clean and stylish with the golden age.


Decorate your living room with luxurious furniture combined with gold-framed mirrors, an antique gold chandelier, and other ornaments. To add floor sweeteners, you can add a patterned floor combined with bright colors, making your living room look sparkling with golden age style.

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Decorating the living room at home with a golden age style. For example, patterned walls combined with a unique chandelier and vintage seating areas.

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2. Using Furniture and Furnishing

Surely, a tufted or overstuffed sofa is a key part of this classic style. However, if it is between a party and another party, consider small scale furniture. Furniture is a real compliment but let’s entertain the people with space to interact. To do that, try some minimalist yet also artistic furniture like a skinny fur accent chair or patchwork fabric chair.

Furnishing is playing the same thing. Let the background play a bit more to make the feeling. Put lamps or side tables to add layers for balancing the scale and contrast.

An easy interior design with a modern touch, choosing the basic color of paint is important for interior design at home. Classic paint colors like white and gray, which complement herringbone wood floors and perfect gold-patterned. In this case, you can add character to your space, by choosing a sofa, table or decorative accent. With this design, it will make the room look airy and cool in the style of the golden age.

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Gray dressers & ultra-glamorous mirrors in gold carved frames combined with beautiful and soft chairs make your dressing room look glamorous with golden style.


A beautiful vanity design for any female bedroom, such as a white dressing table & ultra-glamorous mirrors combined with soft cloth clad chairs and some gold patterned ornaments, will present a sparkling dressing table area with a golden age style.

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Black or white lacquer bring in the bling like no other, making everything shine bright like a diamond. High-gloss and pristine polished surfaces, enriched with huge mirrors to reflect all this gorgeous decadence are topped with golden and brass elements amplifying brights even further.


To create a visually exciting space, Hollywood embraces bold colors and patterns. Black and white harlequin and checkerboard patterns are often used as a foundation, spiced up with blocks of contrasting colors such as turquoise, pink, yellow, royal purple and emerald green.


To create a visually appealing space, the Hollywood district includes bold colors and patterns. To entertain guests with patterned carpets combined with soft sofas, gold-patterned wall hangings, make a glamorous look open in a golden age style.

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Gold works well with a range of colours and shades but we particularly love the use of soft pastels and low key colours to complement this fresh tone. Take a look at gorgeous Perugia armchair in blush for an example of understated elegance with a touch of gold that is unmistakable and striking in the form of the legs.

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3. Using Accessories 

Hollywood style will not be the same without chandelier or crystals stuff. It is exactly where you can showcase your glamour stuff with wonderful details. 


The combination of patterned carpet with modern chandeliers, pictures on walls,a round table, and beautiful velvet chairs. With gold scheme and patterned walls make the room look classy.

Modern a chandelier combined with pictures on the walls, to create a glamorous atmosphere in the bedroom in the style of the golden age. The unique chandeliers with diamond accents give a luxury look for your bedroom.


Many ways to make a luxury decoration for your bedroom. With accessories like crystals chandelier

above the bed, the Hollywood decoration looks classy.


Modern furniture combined with tables, gold-patterned wallpaper, and wall decoration, make your living room look sparkling in a golden age style. To make it perfect, you can add unique chandeliers that are making a beautiful ambiance.


The decoration of the living room with a unique round gold chandelier, gold-framed wall decoration, gold leg glass table, makes the room look glamorous and memorable.

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A unique chandelier in the dining room combined with a round dining table and soft carved wooden chairs will make the room look elegant and classy. This style is perfect for Hollywood decoration.

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The vase and candlestick on the dining table combined with a chandelier in various shapes and tones doubles as a provider of colorful and intelligent look in a glamorous style. This design make the room look brilliant with the style of the golden age.


Use vintage pictures and colorful art to make statements and create the perfect glamorous style in your living room. Collect art types that are personal to you, such as pictures, a unique chandelier, mirrors with carved gold frames, making the room look brilliant and luxurious.


Decorating the living room with a chandelier and white curtains in your home. These accessories can create instant drama and glamorous elements. This design makes you comfortable in the living room.

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To get more feel of Hollywood, try some paintings or Hollywood sidewalk star with the face or name of their famous actor like Audrey Hepburn, Marlon Brando, or Sharon Tate. The point of the decoration is to try giving some dramatic elements like a variety of shapes glamorously.


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