The simple concept of a bar is to combine the functions of a kitchen and dining area. Or more simply an open kitchen. It will also be a solution for those who have limited space in their homes; bars kitchen can be an option. Of course; in a dazzling way. You can also combine bar kitchen ideas with rustic farmhouse kitchen décor ideas as if you want to.

If you want to make a kitchen bar as your bucket list, here are some plan thoughts you can pick:

1. L-Shape Kitchen Bar


Making an L-shaped bar is one of the simple and easiest ways to make a kitchen bar. Make your kitchen form the letter L. Place the bar table at one end, and the other end is the workstation. It will look unique and doesn’t take up much space. It also will make your kitchen feel more spacious; the stove area and sink will feel wider. And you will be more comfortable spending time in the kitchen.

A charming kitchen decor with a small kitchen with a minibar. Plus the dominant wood and rural nuances.

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A Good choice of ideas with an L-shaped mini-bar with stunning wall decorations. Plus wood furniture that has a rustic style makes it comfortable.

Minimalist kitchen ideas combined with a minibar with an amazing L-form of innovation.

A small kitchen decor in addition to a minibar and the dominant color of the dominant pastel white with vinyl wood flooring is very harmonious with the kitchen decor.

A combination of a kitchen with a minibar with dominant wood material. Plus a chandelier that makes it elegant.

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You can enjoy the kitchen with a minibar. mini bar with minimalist form with L.

This minimalist small kitchen you can enjoy by sitting in a mini bar made of wood. And accompanied by an elegant chandelier.

If you like the classic theme, you can choose a kitchen design made from L-shaped wood, with the addition of an elegant minibar.

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A small kitchen with a fabulous mini bar in white wood. With partnered Mabel for comfort.

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2. Blending Minimalist Bar Table with The Kitchen Island


This Minimalist bar table is coordinated with the kitchen island so that you can spare more space. But ensure the surface is made slightly higher. Therefore, when you are eating, and somebody is washing the dishes, your nourishment won’t be sprinkled. You can pick the material from the blend of wood and plastic in dim so it will make an increasingly classic and rustic impression if you want to apply this bar design into your rustic farmhouse kitchen décor ideas. 

A minimalist bar idea in a rustic island kitchen. Coupled with classic wooden furniture creates elegance kitchen decor.

A minimalist mini-bar with a kitchen on this island. Create a comfortable impression with vinyl wood floors with wall colors that are in harmony with other kitchen decors.

A beautiful island kitchen with a minimalist black wooden minibar. With a bar table with a combination of wood and marble. That can make an elegant impression.

The island kitchen with a minimalist white mini bar combined with a charming vinyl wood flooring is suitable to get a contrasting look for minimalist decor with an island kitchen.

A white pastel island kitchen ideas combined with a minimalist minibar are suitable for a comfortable rustic look.

A kitchen island with a rustic feel with a minimalist mini-bar with a natural wooden bar table and added a combination of carpet rugs that add to the beautiful atmosphere.

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The natural wood color in the island kitchen is in line with the color of the red brick accented wall. It can create a minimalist rural kitchen atmosphere.

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A minimalist bar table in the kitchen of this island with beautiful natural wood material added with the presence of rattan chandeliers to create a rural kitchen.

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A simple mini bar table in the kitchen of the island bar table with wood and plastic chairs minimalist kitchen decor ideas.

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3. Minimalist Bar Table Facing the Window


The kitchen table area cannot be connected to the bar table because of the limited space. Try putting a minimalist bar table facing the window. With this position, you can enjoy food while looking at the beauty of the garden outside the home.


If you want to apply one of these bars kitchen designs, you better choose the appropriate bar table material, for example, wood, marble, and others, so it will give rustic impression. 

A minimalist patterned marble for white bar with a window overlooking the window can create an amazing impression by placing the bar near the window.

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A bar table connected to the minimalist kitchen. A bar table facing directly to the window makes drinking comfort while looking at the backyard garden.

A charming kitchen decorating ideas with a bar table facing the window to create a cool and comfortable impression.

An idea that blends with the kitchen and wooden bar table facing the window directly, creating comfort while looking at the backyard garden.

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A natural wood color in a minimalist kitchen with a bar facing the back of the house. This creates an elegant rustic feel.

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A minimalist style kitchen with a wooden bar table with a natural brown color. And facing directly to the window makes you sit at the bar while looking at the view of the backyard.

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A minimalist kitchen with wooden bar table creates a dazzling atmosphere to look comfortable by enjoying the outdoor garden.

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So, are you ready to have your own kitchen bar?


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