A bathroom without a mirror is a never-completed set. Hence, a bathroom mirror becomes one of the important things not to overlook. To select a mirror, you need to consider its functional and decorative value. So, here are four best bathroom mirror ideas to copy. 


1. Cabinet Mirror

The cabinet serves you as storage. However, there are many double-duty cabinets available in the store now. These double-duty take the role of storage and mirror. Store your items inside the cabinet and get a mirror from the cabinet door. Yes, the cabinet door acts as a mirror because it is designed with a mirror attached. 

No need to worry if you have a small bathroom. Mirror cabinet door is one way to save space.

A neat bathroom with two cabinet mirrors and two sinks to inspire your bathroom decor.

The white mirror cabinet is perfect for your bathroom with a dark color on the sink.

The black mirror cabinet is suitable for your white sink, a flower vase placed between the mirrors adds to your bathroom’s appeal.

If you are bored with the usual mirror cabinet, you can try the mirror cabinet that opens it by pulling to the right and left side.

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If your bathroom has a dark theme, you can try the mirror cabinet and sink with bright white color.

You can also add neon accent lights to the mirror cabinet. In addition to adding lighting, neon lights also create a modern impression.

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2. Hanging Mirror

If you are not interested in a mirrored cabinet, you can consider a hanging mirror. This bathroom mirror idea offers you a playful yet adorable feeling. Adding scones over a hanging mirror gives you an elegant look. 

Besides, fixing your round hanging mirror over the schoolhouse sink will give you a dramatic effect. There are various kinds of hanging mirrors to choose, such as round, rectangle, and oval. There is a mirror with shelves as well if you want a place to store your small items. 

One thing to check for this hanging mirror is whether you want classical rope or futuristic iron as the hanger materials. 

Rustic bathroom creative ideas with a round hanging mirror with a rope to inspire your bathroom decor.

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If you don’t like the round mirror design, you can replace it with an oval shape without replacing the mines.

In addition to a hanging mirror with a rope that creates a rural atmosphere, you can add it with intact wooden pillars beside it.

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The rectangular hanging mirror is no less beautiful than before. You can install it in front of your round sink.

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If you want a modern feel in the bathroom, this idea of ​​hanging mirrors using iron might suit you.

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There are many variations of modern hanging mirror shapes including these two oval hanging mirrors.

In addition to the round and oval, an attractive form of a modern hanging mirror you can try in your bathroom. Add lights and your bathroom like a five-star hotel bathroom.

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3. Wall Mirror

Experiencing problems in deciding mirror size for your bathroom? A wall mirror might help you to solve the problem. You don’t need to think about what size and shape to have; you simply put the mirror in the entire bathroom wall. It will be such a perfect place to start your makeup routines. They are huge and can reflect all objects that are in front of them well. 

This mirror wall idea might sound crazy to some people but it doesn’t hurt if you try it.

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This mirrored wall allows you to make the impression that your cramped bathroom looks somewhat wider.

A unique modern bathroom with a white theme equipped with a mirror wall so the bathroom looks spacious.

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In addition to mirror walls to create a broad impression in the bathroom, you can add a glass roof so that light can easily enter.

The bathroom is almost one side of the wall filled with mirrors to create a spacious impression to inspire your bathroom decor.

In addition to creating a spacious impression in the bathroom, this mirror wall allows you to be more free to dress up.

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4. Frame-less Mirror

This type of mirror accentuates your simple and smart side. This frame-less mirror goes perfectly for your modern bathroom. There are some options to choose, such as a bevel-led edge mirror and tilting oval bevel-led mirror.

A modern bathroom with a mirror without a frame that is equipped with several lamps as additional lighting.

A frame-less mirror is perfect when your bathroom has a rough texture. This will make an interesting blend of contrast.

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Add a clear glass shelf under your frame-less mirror. This shelves can be used to put soap and toothbrush glasses there.

You have to try a frame-less mirror with water accented edges in your modern bathroom.

You can pair various frame-less mirrors at one time, they create a classic impression in your bathroom.

If you want a modern but simple design, you should try a bevel-led oval mirror mounted above your minimalist sink.

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Hopefully, these bathroom mirror ideas can help you to find the best mirror design for your bathroom. Don’t worry; they are all fascinating and easy-to-install mirrors. 


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