3 Sophisticated Succulent Gardening Displays to Copy

People are talking about how succulent gardening can change their approach to gardening. Below are some easy displays of such gardening for you to follow.

Many people don’t have much time for gardening. They spend most of the day in the office and drown in papers. However, that doesn’t mean they hate nature. On the contrary, they might be dying to be around nature, but rush time makes it impossible.

Then, succulent gardening comes as a solution. This cactus arrangement is easy to style and maintain. You can leave the plants there once you have styled them. They only need a little treatment and water, but give more colors and beauty. 

Below are some displays you can copy for your little garden.

1. Stairway to Heaven


If you have a narrow space, you can take advantage of the vertical space. Get an old tree trunk and plant it into a large wooden pot. Make a large room for the succulent plants of your choice in the trunk. You can arrange your colorful succulent plants upward to create a stairway. 

Then, fill the pot with fast-draining soil and cover them with other succulent plants. If you don’t get a large pot that can load the trunk, lean it against a solid wall structure. Fasten it with wire to make it stand.

Making a garden decoration with tree trunks as a succulent planter will keep your garden looking attractive.

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An interesting idea to use a tree trunk as a succulent planter is you can try. Attaching to your garden fence to attract people’s attention.

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Amazing house terrace decoration by adding tree trunk as a succulent planter you can try. Hang them on the porch railing to give an attractive impression.

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To look stylish on the porch, you can add a tree trunk as a succulent planter. In this way it will give a unique impression on your terrace.

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Using a tree trunk as a succulent planter is a simple way to get an easy and unique garden design.

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Use a tree trunk as a succulent planter for your table decoration. It can give an attractive and interesting look.

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Decorate your favorite garden by adding a tree trunk as a succulent planter. This is a simple idea but can enhance your garden looks.

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2. Succulent Plants Cage


When talking about succulent plants, you can plant them almost everywhere. What about a birdcage? It will work fine. Use your old birdcage as the plant’s bedding. Don’t forget to put some bedding before you put the plants in. 

You can choose various colorful plants to create a nice view. There is no doubt that this succulent gardening will attract your guests’ attention. This display is perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration. 

To look good with succulent plants, you can place it on a used bird cage. Add some colorful succulents and hang them in your garden.

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Adding succulent plant inside the bird cage is a unique idea to enhance your garden look. You hang them or put on the table.

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Using an unused bird cage for your succulent planter is a good idea. You can place in the outdoor and hang them to get attractive look.

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Placing succulent plant in the old bird cage is a good idea to get unique and interesting look. Hang them on the tree of your backyard to attract the attention of your guests.

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Simple garden decoration by using old bird cage for succulent planter. Place in the outdoor to upgrade your garden decoration.

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Used an old bird cage for succulent planter is suitable to be placed in your garden. Add some various kind of succulents to get attractive and colorful look.

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Simple garden decoration by adding a used old bird cage is very interesting. Place some kind of succulents inside and it can attract the people who comes to your home.

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3. Wall Garden


If you think of another way to put this little garden on, the word “wallflower” can give you a hint. Yes, it is a figurative work. But, if you can make it real, why not? Besides, those plants only need a little water. So, you don’t have to worry about them getting enough nutrition when they’re hung.

Get a wooden pallet frame. Make sure it has enough room to place the cactus beddings. You can paint the frame to create contrast when it is hung. Then, place your colorful succulent plants. You need to wait until your garden becomes a topic in your neighborhood.

Add a succulent wall garden on your porch to try. Using a wooden frame in yellow paint and then place some succulent plants on it to attract your guests.

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Garden style by adding succulent garden walls you can try. Use a wooden box and add some colorful succulents to get an attractive appearance.

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To apply simple succulent garden walls on a garden fence you can use a wooden frame and add some colorful succulent on it. You can attach to your garden fence and surely it can enhance your garden look.

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Applying succulent garden walls on the walls of the house is suitable for you to try. Use a wooden pallet frame to place colorful succulent plants and it will attract people’s attention.

To complete the garden decoration, you can add succulent garden walls to your garden. Use a wooden pallet frame and place some succulent plants on it for an attractive appearance.

To get an interesting impression on the porch walls, you can add succulent garden walls. By adding a wooden pallet frame and some succulent plants it can make an attractive look to your terrace decoration.

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Simple home terrace decoration by adding succulent garden walls. Apply a wooden pallet frame in white paint and place some colorful succulents on it for a neat impression on the porch of your home.

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We hope you get a glimpse of what your succulent gardening will look like.

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