25 Cozy Winter Bedroom Decor Inspirations for an Upgrade

For a new touch in your bedroom, some additions of cozy winter bedroom decor can make for a pleasant upgrade to the whole look.

When the wind is howling during this time of year, we know you’re going to keep all windows shut—but how about your bedroom?

Implementing some new ideas for a cozy winter bedroom decorcan be an excellent addition to the dropping temperature of the season. Instead of placing more blankets and socks nearby, some new decor inspiration won’t hurt as well. Winter might be the best time to swap the atmosphere of the bedroom to a much warmer and cozier style. If you’re struggling to get some thoughts on this, read more to see our five top winter bedroom decor here for an upgrade.

1. Faux Fur

The timeless high-class material we’re all familiar with, faux fur, can be added into the bedroom for that warm supply and perfect accessory throw. Try to pair faux fur bedding with your favorite textured cushions for a final look.

Placing faux fur blanket to your bedroom decoration to add a warm impression this winter. Pick in grey color to get matching look with bedroom decoration.

A comfortable bedroom with faux fur blankets that placed on the bed can make a warm impression in the bedroom.

To give a warm impression in your bedroom you can add some faux fur pillows. Choose in white color to get matching look with bedroom theme. With white color theme your bedroom will be more warm and comfortable.

Faux fur blanket will make your bedroom super cozy and super welcoming at once.

Adding faux fur blanket to your bedroom decoration can make your room more warmer. If you add a proper lighting it can make your bedroom feels romantic.

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2. All-Dark and Textured

Although neutrals are most preferred since they match the white winter, you can also go for darker and cooler materials to warm the bedroom up, too. Either you consider switching to the hardwood floor or place a rug; an all dark bedroom decor won’t fail the gorgeous design.

Applying dark bedroom theme is suitable for this winter. It can create a warmth to your room. You can add a faux fur rug to give more comfortable.

You can apply dark bedroom decor to get a cozy feel this winter. Choose in dark grey and black colors. For more warmer you can apply wooden floor for flooring idea.

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Beside to create a masculine look, the dark bedroom decor is suitable to apply for winter season. This decoration can create a warm impression to your room. You can choose a black color and add black rug for more warmer.

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To get gorgeous look this winter you can apply dark theme for your bedroom. Use black paint and black color for bedding idea. Add a proper rug for more comfortable.

Get warm impression this winter by using dark theme for the bedroom decoration. Add thick knit blanket and some pillows for more comfortable. To get unique look you can use chalkboard for headboard idea.

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3. Grey and Natural Wood

You can also focus on one color with universal appeal: grey, and combine them with furniture made with natural wood for that natural hint. Your grey and natural wood bedroom can come from gray walls and wood headboards on the top of your bed.

To get cozy impression this winter you can decorate your bedroom with grey color and combined with wood touch. Apply grey color for the wall pain and use wood touch for the flooring idea.

Combining grey color and wood touch for the bedroom decor is a good idea to get warm impression this winter. You can apply grey color for the wall paint and wood for the bed frame.

You can combine grey and wood touch to get a cozy feel this winter. This combination can make your bedroom feels more warm and comfortable.

Pick grey color for the bedroom decoration this winter is also suitable. Combine with wooden furniture can make your bedroom feels cozy and warm this winter.

This a classic decoration but can make your bedroom feels cozy this winter. You can pick grey color for the wall and combined with wooden floor to create a coziness to your bedroom.

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4. Light and Layered

Who doesn’t like a light bedroom interior in cool shades? Since the winter is all about get warm under those blanket layers, you can try the same principle to the hues and tones in the bedroom. Make sure they emit the warmth you seek, though.

Winter is about how to get a warm nuance in your home. Especially in your bedroom. You can apply white color for the bedroom theme. This color can make your room looks bright and warm.

Apply white color to your bedroom to get light bedroom design. Combined with white furniture to reinforce the bedroom design. You can pair with white and blue stripes motif for the blanket and pillows to get a contrast look.

Using white shade for the bedroom decoration this winter is very suitable.It can make your bedroom feels warm and bright.

Combine your bedroom color shade with pink and white colors. It can make your bedroom looks bright and warm. Especially is you added a faux fur blanket and proper bedding idea, it can perfect the decoration.

You can apply white hues for your winter bedroom decoration. This color choices can make your bedroom looks bright and warm.

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5. Bold Blue and Natural Wood

It seems we’re not done yet with natural wood, because there’s another pair you can consider: every sort of blue color with natural wood furniture! This fresh color makes for a nice contrast to create the desired warming effect, so make sure to secure your bold blue and natural wood bedroom decor now.

Another way to create a warm and cozy winter bedroom decoration, you can pair blue color with wooden furniture. It cam create a warm and nature impression at once.

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Applying dark blue color with wood touch for the bedroom decoration are very suitable for this winter. You can apply for the wall pain and bedding idea. It can make your bedroom feels warm and cozy.

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Paint your bedroom wall with dark blue color and pair with wooden furniture to get warm and nature shades in your bedroom.

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A blue and wood concept for the bedroom design can be applied trough the blue furniture in the wood room. It can create a warm and nature impression this winter.

You can get a warm and nature impression this winter by applying blue color with wood touch. You can use wooden floor, wooden furniture and combined with blue accent.

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These are all fabulous, but which one of these cozy winter bedroom decor ideas will you try?

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