Are you tired with regular square white tiles for your bathroom? Spice it up by choosing unique, colourful tiles. There is wide range of tile designs available for bathroom floors and walls. Many of them have non-traditional shapes and bright colors, perfect to create a personalized bathroom.

What tiles could you use to create a dream bathroom? Here are some ideas to consider.

1. Black/Grey Hexagonal Tiles

Hexagonal tiles are already unique, but choosing dark colours like black or grey? It is a bold choice to decorate a small bathroom, but the result is amazing. You can use the hexagonal tiles for the bathroom floor, pairing them with white subway tiles for the walls.

The small apartment bathroom design with a combination of black hexagonal tiles and white subway tiles provides good color contrast.

A combination of black hexagonal tiles and subway tiles will give your small bathroom looks more attractive.

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A bathroom designs with dark color hexagonal tiles and white subway tiles give an amazing impression in your small bathroom. A small elegant bathroom with a mix of dark and white tiles which gives a more natural feel to the bathroom.

A bathroom decoration with a choice of hexagonal tiles and subway tiles giving a suitable and charming combination.

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2. Chevron Tiles

The jutting shapes of chevron tiles add a unique visual touch in your bathroom. There are many ways you can apply chevron tiles. You can use large tiles as wall accents or smaller ones for the floor. Bicolour chevron tiles will make your bathroom floor more attractive.

A small bathroom with an accent of chevron tile and combined with the wall using a subway tile which gives an elegant impression.

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A minimalist and extraordinary in this small bathroom with a combination of chevron floor tiles and bathroom walls bring a more efficient impression.

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Floor tiles using chevron tiles bring the impression of luxury to a small bathroom in your apartment.

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Chevron tiles installed in the bathroom of this apartment really give the bathroom a more lively and elegant look.

A bathroom design with accent chevron tile floor accents with a charming pattern gives an elegant natural accent.

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3. Graphic Tiles

Graphic tiles create an eye-catching visual in a small bathroom. You can pair them with neutral, solid-coloured tiles to prevent a crowded look. Use the graphic tiles for your bathroom floor to make it more interesting. If you want to add other colours than white, choose colour schemes that are still related to the graphic tile shades.

Bathroom ideas with graphic floor tiles with blue and white patterns with white bathroom walls provide a suitable combination.

The selection of floor tiles with a combination of the natural white color gives an extraordinary little bathroom decor in your apartment.

Graphic and elegant tile floors in a small bathroom with a combination of natural colors provide a more attractive appearance.

A selection of graphic floor tiles with a combination of lighting and white color on the bathroom wall brings the impression into this small bathroom.

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The amazing idea with a combination of graphic floor tiles combined with subway tile walls that creates a more charming small bathroom.

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4. Chess Board Tiles

Black and white is a “safe” colour combination for any room. Make your bathroom more interesting by using chess board tiles. You can install these tiles on the floor, but they also look great as walls. Choose glossy tiles to create a shine that makes your small bathroom look bigger.

This elegant bathroom with a shiny chessboard tile floor combined with wooden furniture.

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A simple but charming apartment bathroom with features of chessboard tile flooring combined with natural white color.

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Small bathroom ideas with a selection of chessboard floor tiles and a combination of subway wall tiles bring a charming bathroom.

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A chessboard tile floor in the bathroom of the small apartment gives the impression of not boring in the bathroom.

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Creative ideas with a combination of small bathrooms using chessboard floor tiles give the bathroom a more comfortable atmosphere.

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5. Victorian Tiles

Victorian tiles are elegant and intricate, perfect for improving the look of a simple bathroom. For a small bathroom, use the tiles as the floor, and let the other surfaces in solid colours. Choose tiles with slightly lighter shades to avoid a “cramped” look.

A small bathroom design using victorian floor tiles and additional white wall colors give the impression of grace.

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This beautiful bathroom gives the impression of elegance with a combination of Victorian floor tiles, looks simple but still gives elegant.

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A natural bathroom with soft white wall color combined with victorian tile flooring.

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A small bathroom using a combination of subway wall tiles and victoria tile floors with this charming pattern.

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Victoria floor tile installation gives the impression that is charming and looks not boring and makes it look modern in the bathroom.

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Bathroom tiles can make or break the entire look of the room. Let your small bathroom shine by choosing the right tiles to decorate it.


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