When designing a living room, the first thing that comes to your mind must be its interior. Then design and décor follow. Your furniture is the first thing that your guests see. They will judge whether it matches the living room color tone and design and suits your home. Besides, beautiful furniture in the living room can help you destress from your busy days. 

So, don’t get easy on those important items and grab some looks.

1. Victorian-Style Paneling

There is nothing more stylish than a royal-inspired living room. You can go as classic as you want and give it some touch of your taste. Any style you like will do as long as you have that Victorian-style paneling.

Put a comfortable couch and a coffee table that match the living room tone. You can paint your wall in light grey, blue, or purple to get that royal-like atmosphere. If you don’t have matching furniture, combine those colors for paintings, rugs, and pillows. Add a wooden-carved mirror to enhance the feel. You can also add some modern touch anywhere you like. Don’t forget that royal people love flowers on their tables. 

Victorian style living room with fireplace representing wood carvings and rugs to inspire your living room decor.

Elegant Victorian style living room with gold accents everywhere and antique chandeliers.

An attractive Victorian style living room with a uniform rug motif with wallpaper, pillar shapes, and chandeliers everywhere.

This thick red living room has a nice blend of traditional and contemporary, the shape and indentations on each piece of furniture represent the Victorian style.

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The living room is furnished with luxurious antiques and upscale modern chairs is the perfect blend to create a Modern Victorian Style

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Victorian style living room with typical sofa and dark floor for neutral cream walls.

This living room is a great mix of contemporary furniture with a romantic Victorian-style fireplace and mirror.

The deep blue-grey walls covered in white trim are a great example of Victorian color combined with black and white furniture is very modern.

A mixture of old and new furniture to create a layered Modern Victorian style to inspire the decoration of your living room.

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2. Go Green

Your garden is beautiful and green, but that does not mean that you should stop there. If you love greeneries, why don’t you take them as inspiration for your living room furniture? It matches any design when combined with another bright color as long as you put it right. Green is a calming color that helps you unwind.

This look is perfect if you have a white living room. You don’t need to bring in some plants. But you can do it if you want. Hang some green paintings by the window. You can opt for a forest-theme curtain and leave one with a neutral color that matches your living room color tone. Put some light green cushions in any pattern. If you find one, a forest green couch will be perfect for the look.

Green is synonymous with energy, freshness and positivity. Therefore innumerable green colors in your home decor bring your home closer to the beautiful nuances of nature.

Green and black make for an awesome color theme, with bright green highlight walls and offset by pure white.

Take home a calming green home with beautiful pillows and soft green candles.

Green living room walls have a welcoming and appetizing effect, try green microtiles for subtle effects.

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Green accents on a neutral setting for an inspirational and optimistic feeling when completing work at home.

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For an organic color scheme, see wall pallets and randomly arranged wooden chandeliers inspired by the national park.

The unique and comfortable sofa in your favorite corner is doubled in value with a touch of green.

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Brighten up the space in your home with some well-planned indoor plants.

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3. Cozy Couch

Living room is another place to get cozy besides the bedroom. To bring that coziness, put some plain or patterned cushions in wool. You can mix the color to match your living room and other cushions. That fluffiness can also bring some good vibes.

A soft gray and brown palette is the stage for a collection of comfortable furniture and relaxed fabrics.

A small and intimate seating area, especially when placed in front of a fireplace, creates a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

A living room experimenting with traditional and modern elements that makes the room comfortable, but also bright and airy.

Nothing makes the room feel more comfortable than the classic upholstered sofas facing each other arranged around a wooden fireplace.

Lush, matted fabrics, lots of soft pillows, and tactile fabrics come together as an invitation for you to sit and stay for a while.

Ruby red floor-to-ceiling curtains plus turquoise velvet sofas combined with equally luxurious blue velvet sofas.

The nuances of rattan frame the room and lift the eyes, making the whole space feel bigger but also warm and comfortable.

In this traditional style living room, the fireplace stands alone in majestic beauty.

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After seeing that living room furniture, you are understandably overwhelmed with ideas.


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