Be prepared to welcome January and its snowy weather. To begin with, let’s adorn the entrance. For any door, wreaths will always be the perfect complement. Embracing your door with a dazzling wreath will impress whoever sees it. If you haven’t had any wreath design in mind, you could use these five winter wreath ideas to try. Not only are they enchanting but also long-lasting.  

1. Flaring White Snowball Wreath

What displays wintertime better than snowballs? Then, decorating your house with a lovely wintery wreath, like a white snowball wreath, is worth to try. Its flaring white color makes it a beautiful decoration both for the front door or bedroom door. Possibly, buy or make the one with glittery look for a more festive winter feel. 

Wreath is placed in front of the door as a decoration that looks simple. Which can be made with round yarn material that is put together to form a bouquet of flowers. You can make it because the ingredients and how to make it are very easy.

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A blue wreath on the door that made from yarn is looks cool. When coupled with white poms that look very pretty. And a snowman decoration with a hat and black ribbon that looks good.

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Winter wreath that look great for door decorations. Made from thread which is formed in a round shape and beautiful colors. Then coupled with snowflake decorations that look good.

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2. Natural Rustic Wreath

Anticipate your winter holiday decor with a beautiful pine cone wreath. To make it an original piece of winter decor, find the one that is in white and decorated with artificial berries. The pine cones will surely exude the woodsy and rustic feel to your door. Also, you can give this wreath as a gift to a friend or relative.

The beauty of winter wreath for your home decoration. Which combines twigs and green leaves that look fresh. And combined with pine as a complement to the decoration.

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Winter is usually synonymous with good wreath. A wreath of flowers made using green leaves and pine fruit to look natural. And coupled with a red ribbon to make it look more beautiful.

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This is a simple wreath that you can use for winter home decoration. Made from pine and red berries which have a cool impression. This flower wreath is very suitable to use in winter.

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3. Cozy Crochet Wreath

What makes you warm during winter? It’s crocheted things. So, why not embellish your door with this sort of thing too. A cozy hand-crocheted wreath is a perfect and warmest way to welcome your guests during winter. If you want to have a sparkling one, you can opt for a crochet wreath with pearls and crystal beads embellishments.

This flower wreath have nice looking color and looks simple because it is made from knit material. Completed with crochet ribbon, pine leaves and berries to complete your crochet wreath idea.

For interesting winter wreath, you can create a crochet wreath. Made from knit material this wreath can make your home looks interesting. All you need to is creativity. You can complete the wreath with crochet flowers and a doll. This wreath has a very beautiful color to decorate your door.

To make your home looks unique, you can hang crochet wreath for winter decoration. You can shape decorate the wreath with crochet snowflakes, candy canes and a snowman to get the spirit of winter in your home.

Even though it’s just a small crochet wreath but it can make your winter home decoration looks interesting. Just make a green crochet wreath that completed with crochet pine leaves and red berries to get interesting look. Add red ribbon to hang your wreath and then hang on the door to attract your guests.

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4. Colorful Magnolia Wreath

With its glossy and various colors, magnolia foliage makes beautiful and stunning winter decor. Also, you can use it as a perfect statement for any setting such as door, dining chair, wall, hearth, or even table. Believe us! You can’t just go wrong with this awesome wreath.

To give a statement and glamour impression in your home, you can take advantages of magnolia foliage as a winter wreath idea. This is a very simple wreath, you just need collect some magnolia foliage and then arrange in the form of wreath. Attach to the door and you will get awesome winter decoration.

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If you don’t have idea to create a wreath, you can use magnolia foliage to create this wreath. You can use the leaves that still have green color and combined with brown color leaves. Add some wilted flowers to make the wreath more interesting.

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This wreath is looks great for decorating your front door. Made from magnolia foliage and then combined with brown ribbons to complete the decoration.

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A wreath that made from dried leaves is looks very simple. You don’t need to buy the wreath because you can make it yourself. You can use magnolia foliage to make this wreath. With green and brown color of magnolia leaves can make your wreath looks stunning for winter decor.

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5. Adorable Pom-Pom Wreath

Though pom-pom isn’t really your thing, you’ll fall in love with this one by the time you see it. The neutral colors of the pom-pom and gold ribbon will perfectly match to your snowy front yard. Besides, its fluffy look can warm every eye that sees it.  We hope you found some great inspirations. So, which one is your favorite winter wreath.

Colorful wreath that look very beautiful with colorful pom pom. Then combined with a green polka dot ribbon to beautify the wreath. Then hang on the window to give a fresh impression.

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A winter wreath that made from colorful pom pom is looks cute. Add with a beautiful white heart-shaped decoration and then hang using a red ribbon to make it look more beautiful.

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Cute colorful pom poms are used to make a wreath for your winter decoration. Then combined using paper decorations that are formed so that it looks good. This wreath is perfect for winter decoration in your home.

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