Cheap and versatile, wooden doors come in various shapes and size, making it somewhat difficult to pick the “right” door for your home. After all, most of them look the same, the only thing differentiating them is the shape and color. But actually, that’s not the case at all. Wooden door could look different and trendy, too! Some of the examples of trendy and modern wooden door design ideas could be seen in this article.

1. Single piece white door looks chic and trendy

Single piece door is the most common door type. With white paint job, the wooden door design looks absolutely stunning and will catch the eyes of your visitors. Not only it is easy to the eye, the door is also highly functional and a breeze to maintain.

The door of the house which is in between the pot will give a fresh impression when other people visit our home. Place wreath in the middle of the door. This gives a fashionable impression to this white wooden door.

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Chic and fashionable door decorations in white wood made from a combination of accent lamp sconces and beautiful wooden pots. With this the door makes a trendy and comfortable impression.

A sleek white front door accented with blue-tinted glass insets matching with the large pot that is filled with a manicured shrub. It is surrounded by frosted glass panels against the red brick walls. This creates a charming and charming door décor.

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White front door blue gray house with white door and glass side panels black front door with white sidelights. Looks charming and elegant.

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The white color on the single door of your home can help brighten up your outdoor decor. Made from beautiful wood and gold accent holders this adds a charming impression.

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2. Double black wooden door adds elegance to your house design

Once thought as an old and odd choice, the double door is starting to be in style again. However, it takes a bit of real estate to make one, so it is still rarely found in homes. Regardless, this wooden door design looks elegant and rich, adding to the overall look of your home.

Double glossy black wooden door decorating ideas are equipped with iron and glass handles on the side to make your home more elegant and charming.

Double wooden doors painted in black will give a cool impression on the exterior design of your home. And combined using wooden walls and classic lamp sconces adds an elegant impression.

Installing black double doors made of wood can make the exterior of your home look more elegant. With doors made of wood and combined using charming chandelier accents add to the perfect atmosphere.

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The double black wooden door is suitable for creating an elegant vibe. The design of this door will be more perfect if added with the glass on the side.

The attraction given from this door. By adding an elegant impression on the exterior of the house. You can apply double wooden doors in black. This can make your home decor more beautiful.

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3. Single brown wooden door with sidelight looks pleasant to the eye

Sidelight is a window that flanks a door. With sidelights, you can allow more lights to enter the house, adding a warm touch to the overall house design. Add in a single brown window, and you get a nice-looking front door of your house!

Door is easily one of the most visible parts in your home, so making sure your wooden door design fits with the entire architectural design of your home should be your priority. As always, every house is different and the recommendation here might not be perfect for your house. When that happens, you can turn to Pinterest for some more inspiration.

This is one way to beautify the exterior of your home by using brown wooden doors with a glass next to it. Add some floral decorations to make the exterior of your home more beautiful.

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Brown wood front door with glass side glass plus green planter. This makes the decoration of your home look cool and comfortable with a combination of wooden doors and some of these charming features.

An interesting decorating idea with natural brown wooden door accents. With a mix of glass on the side and charming natural stone walls. Making your home door decorations give a beautiful charm.

The concept of a classic home exterior with side glass on the side can make your home look elegant. Add a few flowers to make your outdoor decor more attractive.

The classic exterior design of the house with brown wooden doors and side glass on the side can make your house look elegant. Add to your outdoor natural stone walls more elegantly.

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