Want to start your own do it yourself project? One of the best projects you can pick is making your own barn door. DIY barn door looks great in almost any house architecture and requires less space than a conventional door. It also doesn’t cost you much to build a DIY double barn door. A short trip to your hardware store will usually be enough to see what parts you need to buy and how much those parts cost. 

What you won’t get when visiting hardware stores, however, is the design idea for your very own DIY double barn door, and here’s where the internet comes into play. Find some DIY double barn door inspiration by reading this article!

1. Dark contemporary sliding barn door is a marvel to look

This dark, two-piece barn door is pleasing to look and not really hard to make yourself. The main idea of this door is to compliment lighter walls. Don’t forget to choose a darker shade of paint when you opt to make this in your spare time!

Two-face sliding barn door is awesome to have between living room and dining room. The metal frame at the top looks very strong to handle the door. The handle looks stunning, too.

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One sliding door with black color has a V-shape line patterned. The plant near the sliding door giving a prestige look. It’s simple also giving best decoration idea.

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Blackwood sliding barn door in the warehouse look contrast to the other color room. The wall made from wood has a natural color but still good decor in the warehouse because it’s commonplace.

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Wooden sliding door with black color in the bedroom look bold-design. In fact, it’s really stunning one to have. However, you can keep it or change it with other colors, too.

Huge sliding barn door in kitchen room. Probably it’s a good option to have this sliding door, especially in your kitchen room. The benefit of using this huge sliding door is you will have enough path to way in.

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2. Driftwood barn door is elegant and pleasing to the eye

The door is made from reclaimed wood, which explains its beautiful gray color. When making this door, consider adding handles that compliment the overall color of the wood, such as a silver handle. Your handle choice will also improve the overall feel of the finished DIY door.

Luxury white sliding barn door in your bedroom look elegant. Not only that but also the sized is fit to the wall design. The black handle make it easy to see, too.

Simple but useful sliding barn door for covered your washing machine. It’s a perfect idea to have because it seem minimalistic also not take much space. Especially if you just have minimal room, too.

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Matchable sliding barn door in the bathroom. Using waterproof paint to protect the wooden basic material. The metal frame at the top looks strong enough to handle the door and the color of the door looks calming.

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Tall barn sliding door between your living room and the kitchen room. It creates harmony with the color decoration that match with the sofas. Perfect decoration for beauty as a result.

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3. Blue pop barn door is easy to look and make

This blue pop design looks great in any room, but it is most fitting if you have a teenager room in your house. A brighter shade of paint will compliment the look of your teen’s room and making a more cheerful overall look.

Ocean blue barn door looks amazing across the family room and the living room. It’s also usable for room divider between it. Best of all, overall the color decoration is still in harmony.

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Minimalis decoration with sliding barn door in the bathroom. As you can see, it’s look in contrast with the color of the wall. But, whatever it takes, still good look too.

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If the tiny door doesn’t enough, then have a big one like this. Still good to have however in a minimalist room. Like this one, being good decoration doesn’t mean have to high price.

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The best part of having a sliding door is simple and not take much space in your room. The design also easy to remarkable as you wish. The blue color of the sliding door giving a very calm sensation.

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White color of the wall looks elegant, combined with the blue sliding door is awesome decoration. At the same time, you will get good decoration and benefit from the door.

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