There are tricks to make a bedroom much cozier, considering how it should be an ideal place for both of you to relax and rest at the end of the day. For the romantic part, we have several doable decorating ideas you can try! Check out some of our compilation below.

High Lighting

Take advantage of the high ceilings of your bedroom by installing similarly high bedroom ceiling lights. The far distance of the lamp will exude softer lighting that sets the romantic mood.

Decorative lighting attached to the ceiling presents three lights. With this, the bedroom looks bright because your wall uses white and pink stripe wallpaper.

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This beautiful ceiling decoration provides some lighting to provide the best light in a bedroom with a pink theme.
If you want to provide maximum lighting you can use a lamp string that is applied interrupted your cell ceiling, this provides a simple and elegant appearance.
Unique lighting decoration can be your reference to apply this to your romantic bedroom. If you stick to Lansing on the ceiling, it won’t be too dazzled if you don’t turn off when you sleep.
If you apply a romantic touch to your bedroom, which must be considered is lighting, in addition to presenting a classy pendant lamp, you should also present two lamps that are attached to the ceiling.

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Surrounding Red

What color is more powerful in telling the love other than red? Choose to go for a red bedroom to complement other warmer tones, for instance: in your furniture and lighting options.

If you want to give an interesting touch better give a touch of red and romantic ornaments to complete it.
Give a touch of red on the walls, pillows, and blankets that are predominantly floral red. With this, you can manage to give a romantic touch to the bedroom.
If you want to apply the romantic pad bedroom team, give a touch of red on one side of the bed wall. Then, decorate it with the artwork to fill in the blanks.
By presenting all in red and combined with white is enough to give a romantic touch. Look at this patterned curtain that is in line with these pillows and table lamps.
The bed with this thick red mixed with gold blanket gives a calm and romantic touch. Then, the table lamp that is presented on the right and left of the bed also provides good lighting.

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Pops of Color

Otherwise, if you think red isn’t the color for both of you, feel free to go with a colorful bedroom shown by the number of walls or floors being covered or painted in two or three hues and patterns. The key to playing with colors, in general, is to observe how it works with the overall room so that it won’t crash.

This bedroom decoration gives a touch of colorful colors that make your bedroom look bright. because to create a romantic atmosphere not only red wars.
This romantic bedroom decor gives a touch of dark pink and white to give a romantic touch and applies a large mirror with a classic frame for decorating your wall.

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Bedroom decor that presents bright colors like pink on this patterned blanket and round rug. Moreover, gives a romantic touch but also a boho-style touch that is presented.
For the simple way, apply a flower-patterned backdrop and also flower-patterned blanket will be enough to give a touch of romantic nuance with a variety of colors.
You can also apply the full wallpaper with floral motifs in dark pink as well as followed by furniture that is presented in your bedroom to make it looks similar.

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Draping Luxury

Create more privacy more luxuriously by hanging velvet or soft bedroom curtains around the bed. Thankfully, you don’t have to buy a four-poster bed first to do this. The draping effect can provide textural relief that makes it a statement piece as well.

A large romantic bedroom that uses a frame made of black wood then the backdrop is given the curtain to look luxurious.

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If you want to make your bedroom looks romantic and also luxurious, you can bring round mosquito nets on the top of your head, in addition, to make it looks romantic and will also look beautiful to be imitated.
This luxury bedroom looks spacious and romantic because it gives a touch of white mosquito nets to be presented on your comfortable bed.
If you want to bring a mosquito net or curtain in this bedroom, the color must be considered. You better look for the white one then made from lace to match your blanket that looks luxurious.

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By presenting a curtain on this bed with white color, then it will impress a classic and romantic look for a married couple. Then, you give a touch of furniture that looks rustic but classy.

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Last but not least, placing several aromatic candles in the bedroom is another ultimate way to grab a romantic atmosphere. It’s the best way to remove tiredness from the long day, after all.

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This romantic bedroom decor should be given a candle to your bed with heart shape. Then, you can apply it on the floor by giving a touch of the candle between the words of love from roses.
A few candles that are presented in this bedroom in order to provide a serene and romantic touch. To complete it, you can also sprinkle some sides or objects with red roses.

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It could be one inspiration to decorate your bedroom to be romantic. In addition, you can also present some of these candles to change the romantic nuances in this room even stronger.

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This white bedroom decor looks luxurious and clean. To add a romantic feel to your room you should give a touch of a candle holder to get romantic lighting.
In addition to applying maximum lighting, you should give a touch of candles and place it at several points of the object to feel a romantic touch in this room and you set the layout yourself.

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We hope the romantic bedroom decorating ideas for couples above will inspire you.


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