The laundry room at home is probably one of your most frequented places at home, and there are so many things inside that you haven’t decluttered yet. If you think you need to organize the room into a much neater space, consider our solutions and hacks below that are specially curated for you.

Wall Storage for Laundry Supplies

The walls should be your best friend when it comes to utilizing a tiny space. Building any wall storages, such as built-in cabinets, floating cabinet, and more can be the best use to keep your laundry necessities. A hanging wire storage rack can also do just fine.

Laundry room decoration with very varied rack types for the multifunctional purpose. It will be really helpful to cover your different needs.

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This all-white laundry design with the proper rack and drawers is really harmonious. Then, the blue color added to the wall gives a fresh impression.
The existence of decorative storage in the decoration of your laundry room can give a different impression. Like this one which has simple storage shelves and boxes.
One deviation is highly recommended for a laundry room decoration. You can simply put it on the wall and making this iron storage looks more integrated into the decoration.
Although only in a small one, this rack looks really proper since it is placed right above the washing machine in a proper size.

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Repurpose a Ladder into a DIY Drying Rack

Any ladder you have at home can be used in a drying rack with a little re-configuration here and there. Remove the broken steps, repaint the coat, and strengthen the holding nails properly for more prolonged usage.

Hanging storage design using a simple wooden ladder provides a very good combination because it has a simple and suitable impression for your laundry room decoration.
If you are confused with the decoration of your laundry room, you can imitate this one decoration, with the white stair as the drying storage.
Imagine you have decorations like this. With hanging storage from this wooden ladder, you can get the rustic impression in your clean all-white laundry room concept.

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The blue color that added to the ladder makes it has a proper look to be a drying rack. Install it for your laundry room for the affordable one.

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Use Curtains to Separate Your Space

To separate any space in the laundry room, feel free to use the room divider curtain. Curtains can be your solution to distinguish which side the washer and dryer are or to simply gives a divider with the other room. The curtain can also help block sunlight temporarily if the room has a pretty large window, and you don’t want to get disturbed with the blinding light.

Use a white curtain that has a simple black stripe motif as a barrier to your laundry space. That way your laundry room decor will look more neat and very nice.

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The curtain has a very good motif. You can use it to limit your laundry space to give a very beautiful impression into the decoration.
Yellow curtain with a very nice motif is suitable if you use it to limit your laundry room decor because it has the right combination and looks charming.
In decorating the laundry room, there are many important things that you must use. Like this one, which adds a patterned curtain decoration as a barrier and a complement to the decorations you make.
Only by using simple curtains, you can make your laundry room decoration very nice. Look at how this curtain looks really matching with the floor and the colors around.
Another good idea with the curtain is by applying the modern white patterned curtains which can provide a very enchanting combination into decoration.

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Don’t Forget About the Doors

Another spot to store your laundry supplies is the door. Consider mounting some hooks or over-the-door shoe storage to accommodate smaller items.

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Storage behind the door that has a place behind the door is really simple but useful for you. It makes you feel easier to store items for your laundry supplies.

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This storage has good iron material and decoration. With a place behind the door put into the decoration of the laundry room, you can have such a functional and effective room arrangement.

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Storage of iron that has a multilevel decoration can be applied by putting it behind the door of the laundry room so that it can provide convenience to store goods in less space.
There are so many things to consider for the storage of your laundry room. Namely this attractive storage, that installed behind the door and has many containers which really efficient.

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Stressing over an unorganized laundry room is so yesterday. Try our ideas above!


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