Suitable for adventurers with free spirits, bohemian decor comprises myriad colors of life, culture, and interesting decorations the world has to offer. With eclectic and carefree features, a bohemian decor will make your room look relaxing and homier than before.

Originally inspired by travelers, writers, and authors who lead an unconventional life full of escapades, bohemian decor takes “the merrier, the better” notion seriously, shown in combinations of textures, colors, patterns, and other essentials that you’ll learn below.

Neutral Colors are Your Best Friends

The most common colors you’ll come across in bohemian decor is earthy tones. While some fun twists such as metallic and jewel shades are also used, using brown, gray, or green as your base shades is a great start in perfecting your bohemian cocoon.

Design a room with a beautiful bohemian style by combining these elegant colors. In addition, you can also add a metallic color in the planter that you can put on the fireplace. Combine several colors like brown on a soft chair and green on some of the plants.
Adding metallic colored wall hangings is indeed the hallmark of this bohemian decoration. Moreover, you can insert a dark green color on the wall which makes perfect color contrast.
This is an elegant bohemian entrance design with a minimalist wooden bench that is equipped with a round mirror that is wood-framed. In addition, you also add a metallic colored planter to add the beauty.
This bohemian room design has many colors on the patterned pillows. In addition, the accessories in this room add the amazing impression that you need to try.
Choosing a brown wooden floor that can indeed add to the impression of neglect in this bohemian living room, especially if you use a gray sofa that is equipped with a blanket and patterned pillows. Meanwhile, don’t forget about the unique wall decoration.

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Green Touches Here and There

If there’s something that makes your room instantly bohemian, it’s the fresh air of nature. Whether it’s a tiny cactus on your desk or a large indoor plant by the window, the green addition will make your room livelier than before.

The bohemian decoration is inseparable from the existence of this rather large green plant. You can also place some plants near the window to make a beautiful appearance. In addition, you can also combine it with various types of plants.
For the green plants, you can add cactus that you can put on the table. Combine it with other types of plants so that this room has a plant variation that can make an attractive appearance.
This bohemian living room is indeed a decoration that you need to consider. Meanwhile, having greenery that has a rather large size has indeed become one of the most important decorations. Bring a portion next to the window to make it look natural.
Choose greenery to create a natural look in this narrow bohemian space. Also, place it near the window to get the light from the outside.
Having lots of plants is indeed one of the things you should try to make your bohemian room looks more natural. In addition, the placement of this plant is also the most important thing. We recommend placing it near the window so that your plants have enough light.

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Low-Lying Furniture

The closer you are to the floor, the better your bohemian decor would look like. The bohemian decor takes comfort seriously, and there’s nothing better than adorning your room with a cozy rug with low-lying couches, desks, and bed here and there. Don’t be afraid of mixing colors and patterns to create a personalized space.

This is a comfortable bohemian living room design that using a sofa that is not too high with the floor to be one of the secrets. Besides that, you can also add a patterned carpet to show its beauty.
This bohemian living room has an elegant white color. You can combine it with furniture such as sofas and unique tables, to create a perfect impression. This time, we use a sofa that is not too high with a carpet to get the comfort.

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Choosing a short sofa that is almost close to the floor is not new anymore. In addition, if you want to imitate him, prepare a patterned carpet to make you even more comfortable in this bohemian living room.
Choosing a patterned carpet to cover the floor in the living room is something you need to try. In addition, you also need a short sofa to complement this bohemian living room. Add a wooden coffee table and some pillows to make comfort in your living room.
Choosing furniture for a bohemian living room is one of the things you need to consider. This time, we used a sofa that was rather close to this dark carpet to create the perfect look. Also do not forget the other furniture to beautify it.

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Compared to the modern and sleek look of minimalism, the bohemian decor is all about more. One way to achieve maximalism philosophy is mix-matching decorations, such as vintage pillows, macrame, a comfy rug, and couches. You can also go as far as a canopy over the bed for the true maximalist bohemian decor.

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If you want to create an amazing bohemian look, maybe you can have wall hangings like this macrame. In addition, you can also include vintage pillows on this comfortable sofa and carpet.
This bohemian living room has a short sofa to create a dazzling look. You can also add pillows and fluffy blankets to make your living room comfortable. Don’t forget this brown patterned carpet.
This pattern-filled living room is one of the perfect bohemian decorations. Meanwhile, add a soft sofa and this unique wooden coffee table. If you want to have an elegant appearance, add a beautiful patterned carpet.
Adding macrame wall hangings is a must if you want to create a bohemian design. In addition, you also have to put a brown sofa which is somewhat close to the carpet to create a dazzling appearance.
This living room has Tosca colors which have attractive patterns. Meanwhile, the addition of a sofa adjacent to the floor also had a big effect on this living room. Put this colorful patterned carpet to complete it.

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Playing with Patterns

In bohemian decor, feel free to combine patterns and textures that usually don’t go together. Consider hanging tapestries, dyed fabrics, or exotic textiles you bought from the other part of the world to create a colorful, enchanting visual. Be wild, be creative, be bohemian.

This decoration looks different because of the hanging a patterned carpet that can make your walls not boring. Also, choose this intricately patterned rug to add a different impression.

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To apply the macrame, you can also use a patterned carpet that can decorate the walls of your living room. Choose this beautiful carpet design to display the living room.

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This bohemian bedroom features wall hangings from carpets hung on the walls. If you have another patterned carpet, you can install it to make your bedroom more attractive.
A lounge that has a different bohemian design by applying the wall hangings ornament such as carpets that meet these walls can make this room more beautiful. In addition, the patterns shown also have a big effect on this carpet.
The carpet is not always on the floor, we use it to make this wall more beautiful. In addition, we also choose unique patterns that are equipped with bright colors that can make this bohemian style more perfect.

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Bohemian decor isn’t as challenging as it sounds if you know how to create one. With a bit of color and a lot of creativity, easily create this eclectic, one-of-a-kind look in your most personal spaces.


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