Are you trying to personalize your bathroom design by adding some rustic details? That project may cost you a fortune if it’s done wrongly. That’s because we sometimes only focus on big details, even if small changes can also provide a remarkable effect on the room mood. Well, this is what makes decorating budgets usually exceed our calculation. For that reason, we have gathered budget tips on how to bring adorable rustic decor into the bathroom.

Install a Wire Towel Basket

For those trying to liven up their bathroom with a rustic mood, investing in a wire towel basket would be a smart option. It will not cost you a lot of money and is easily applied to your bathroom design. What’s more, a wire towel basket can help you to cover an unattractive section of the wall.

If you want to make the bathroom looks different, you can use this wire rack basket. Combine it with wood material for the strong rustic impression.
This wire basket rack is very functional as a storage area. Besides, this basket rack can also cover your bathroom wall which is less attractive.

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If your bathroom wall is empty, you can put this wire basket to make amazing towel storage. Prepare three-wire shells and install vertically to save space.

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To store towels, you need to think about a few ingredients that you will use. This time we suggest using this wire basket rack to store your towels with all iron material.

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A wire towel basket can indeed show your bathroom to be more different. In addition, if you have many towels to store, choose the one in a large size.

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Hang a Rustic Wall Mirror

Instead of remodeling the whole bathroom concept, you can create a lovely rustic decor by adding some embellishing items. For example, you can hang a rustic wall mirror to highlight your wet room design. This type of mirror also provides the room with both functional and artistic purposes.

Creating a rustic look does not have to provide a lot of items. This time, you just need to hang this brown wooden mirror to make a rustic bathroom.
Adding a wooden accent to the bathroom can indeed make this rustic bathroom look more perfect. Especially if the accent is in the elongated mirror frame. It’s very beautiful as you have to try it.
Using an old wooden mirror frame can be a proper decoration for a beautiful bathroom. Moreover, this old wooden frame can display a warm atmosphere to your bathroom.
If you want to make a simple appearance but still elegant, choose a wooden frame to make your mirror looks amazing. Besides, you can also add lighting to this mirror.
Making the bathroom look more perfect does not have to be expensive. You just need to make a wooden mirror frame to add a rustic impression. Also, add nails on the sides of the frame to make this frame looks attractive.

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Accentuate with Rustic Reclaimed Ladder

If you want to save more when remodeling your bathroom, a rustic reclaimed ladder should be included in your plan. This decorative thing can help you to enhance the rustic mood and also present an artistically pleasing scene to the room. Above all, you can make a reclaimed ladder by yourself at home, so it will not cost you any penny.

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If you have a ladder that is not used, you can reuse it as storage for your bathroom. In addition, to create a rustic look, this ladder is also very useful for bathrooms.
Reusing iron ladders that are not used is interesting. You can put on the bathroom wall to make the bathroom looks beautiful.
Adding a wooden ladder to the bathroom can be very useful for storing your towels. This time, using wooden ladder to make it look old yet warm is really recommended.
This rustic white faded wood ladder can indeed make your bathroom looks more attractive. Not only to make it looks lovely, but you can also make a rustic bathroom easily and cheaply.
Using this rustic wooden ladder will make your bathroom looks rustic. It’s very functional, where you just have to reuse a ladder that isn’t used anymore.

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Jazz Up with Rustic Open Shelving

Rustic open shelving can be a great solution for small bathroom design. It is not only simple and quaint but also provides convenient space-saving storage. Besides, you can turn it into the bathroom’s center of interest.

Using an open shelf for the bathroom can indeed make your bathroom looks different. This time, the white shelf is attached to the wall to store the stuff.
Open shelves made of wood can make your small bathroom look rustic. This rack also provided to put some decorations and towel baskets.
If your bathroom has an empty cramped space, maybe this open shelf can be your choice. This time we used the corner wall next to the toilet to put this open shelf.
This is an open shelf that is quite attractive for your bathroom. Made from white painted wood and combined with hooks to make this shelf looks unique.
If you are looking for shelves for your small bathroom, this open shelf can be your choice. It’s very useful to put some towels and decorations in the bathroom.

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Got rustic decor ideas that you want to try at home? Then, get inspiration from the tips above to create a charming rustic bathroom without having to spend a lot of money! 


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