Realize the vision of your quirky boho dream through these modern and cozy bohemian decor in your home. Comprising colorful shades of furniture, exotic patterns, as well as cozy elements, these elements will surely remind you of the aesthetic of the late 1800s. To make it better, the bohemian decor is versatile in cost, meaning that you can nail it without having to break your bank.

Wondering how to incorporate these eclectic details into your home? Check out these up-to-dated bohemian decor inspirations you can check out this year.

Screens Instead of Doors

Bohemian decor is often identified by screens, and this decor is a great example of it. You can use fabric, rattan, or wood to divide spaces or create a sense of privacy.

Attach a wooden divider to limit your personal space. By using wood and added with beautiful patterned fabric, it will give a nice and attractive decoration.
If you want decoration that looks simple and natural, you only need to add this barrier from bamboo wood so that the decoration of the room in your home will look more beautiful.

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You can also use a screen barrier made of wood, like this one. You can combine it into the decoration of the living room in order to have a different decoration.

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It has an additional wooden door divider and also has a beautiful motif with gold color touch for the glorious additional impression.

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Plants, Plants, Plants

Creating an airy and breathable environment, this jungle-like bohemian decor features a lot of houseplants as a part of their aesthetic. Make sure to pick those which are easy to grow, such as cactus, snake plants, and pothos.

Plants are a must-have decoration with a boho theme. By giving a lot of greenery and suitable placement, produces a beautiful impression.
If you want to have this one decoration. You only need to add plants to your boho kitchen decor. Then you have to put it in order to complete the decoration and add beauty.
Your boho bedroom could be better. Only by adding green plants that give freshness to the decoration. With the appropriate arrangement, it will provide more comfort.
Green plants are not only for decoration. But it can be used for fresheners as well as air freshener in your bathroom. That way you will feel more comfortable and have a natural decoration.

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Myriad of Patterns

Bohemian decor is known to break conventional rules, and one of which is mixed patterns. One example is this rich bedroom full of colorful rugs, exotic bedding, and topped with fun throw pillows.

This boho bedroom decoration has a unique color and motif combination. From carpets and pillows, it can provide a very cool combination of decorations.
Add pillows and carpets that have beautiful motifs into your bedroom decor. Then here, the throw blanket is added to strengthen the Boho impression of the bedroom.
With this decoration, you will feel very happy and very satisfied. Because of this boho bedroom has beautiful motifs on the pillows and in other items.
Only by adding nice patterned carpets, pillows and blankets, you can provide a beautiful decoration for your boho bedroom. It will be such a perfect pattern combination.

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String Light

Being the hallmark of bohemian decor, transform your space into a magical wonderland with these whimsical string lights. Easily bought in material stores, simply hang it across your headboard or wall.

With this yellow string light, your bedroom will have a simple decoration. Although simple, combined with the boho theme, make the bedroom decor looks artistic.
Yellow light can be used as a complement to your bedroom decor. Because it has a simple design, it can be a complement to the decorations that you make well.
Add white string lights as a complement to your bedroom decor. Moreover, you can place it on the wall, so it looks brighter and more attractive.
If you want a simple Boho decoration, you just have to imitate this decoration, with the strings of the lights hanging, it gives a dim light and has a simple impression.

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A Lot of Toss Pillows

While toss pillows might look weird in other interior designs, bohemian decor relishes in the maximalism of it. Stack your bedroom or living room with these toss pillows and get ready to transform it into the comfiest nap space.

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It has a difference from the common pillow motif as it has a black motif with an artistic yet fierce impression.
This beautiful boho motif has pretty cushions patterns that are soft and comfortable. Especially if you put it into the decoration of your living room which will give extra beauty to the decoration.
Pillows with motifs and colors look very beautiful. It can allow a combination of living room decor that has a very attractive design and impression.
The decoration of this one living room is very interesting because it has a pillow with motifs and colors that are very harmonious to produce nice decoration.

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Incorporating a myriad of colors and exotic patterns all over the world, get ready to be astonished by these modern and cozy bohemian decor that will make you want to be at home all the time.


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