38 Awesome Beach Color Schemes for Your Kitchen

An all-blue ocean kitchen has been a kitchen sought after in recent years; the crisp, clean appearance and light airiness of a blue ocean kitchen certainly has its appeal!

But there are many color options for a contemporary kitchen that still look fresh, with more than a pinch of personality thrown in. Similar to white and gold in color, a kitchen and leather-guided kitchen may appear similar as far as colors go, but the overall effect is quite different.

Natural lighting has an important part in colour choice. It’s a cool color that’s naturally suited to spaces where you must create a feeling of calling tranquility. There are literally countless ways you’re able to incorporate the color blue into your residence.

Leather is used as the cover to the fridge and on the chairs here; light- to medium-shades of wood are used elsewhere to carry the very natural and neutral color palette through the space.

While this kitchen is still completely contemporary, with its sleek lines and straightforward design, it has a sort of rustic charm and appeal thanks to the leather.

Make the most of Mother Nature. “This room gets great light, and we wanted to take full advantage of it by using reflective surfaces like mirrored finishes and tiles with an iridescent quality to them,” says interior designer Andrew Howard.

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