38 Raised Bed Gardening Landscape Design Ideas

Raised bed gardens are one of the most productive ways to grow your own food. They give you better control over the soil conditions and allow for quick and easy harvesting of your crops. Raised beds can be simple or quite elaborate depending on your needs and the overall aesthetic you wish to create. Use the information below to determine what type of raised beds you would like in your own garden.

Are you sore from constantly bending over to tend your garden? Do gophers eat your vegetable crop before you even get the chance to dream up a recipe? Do you struggle to grow thriving tomatoes because of nutrient lacking soil?

If you answered yes to any of these questions a raised bed garden may be the solution for you. Gardening in raised beds can significantly lessen, or remove altogether, the challenges of a traditional vegetable garden. Stephen Orr, author of Tomorrow’s Garden, states that the work of building raised beds will be rewarded with a superior harvest and minimal weeding. The many benefits of raised beds make them an attractive option for experienced and inexperienced gardeners alike.

These eco-conscious raised beds hold eggplant, squash, tomato, and herb plants. Redwood is a good choice for planters like these because it is more resistant to rot than most types of wood. In fact, this wood has held up so well that it has found a second life in this application. A small shaded table provides an idyllic spot to sample produce at its freshest-straight from the garden.

Nothing is ordinary about these raised beds. First, they veer from the norm with their circular shape. Second, they are made of twigs woven together in a basket-like fashion. To complete the look, handmade tepee trellises add vertical support for climbers.

Raised beds are a garden designer’s secret weapon, and not just because they look good. A raised bed is a microclimate of fertile soil where flowers flourish and herbs and edibles co-exist peacefully with trailing nasturtiums.

Perhaps you worry that you don’t have enough room for raised beds or that a raised bed or two will disrupt the design of your garden? Allow us to us change your mind, with these 10 innovative ideas for adding raised beds to a garden.

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