35 Brilliant Camper Van Conversion for Perfect Outdoor Experience

I own a campervan and it has become my personal mobile office and home from home. I use it often when I need to travel long distances, allowing me to travel across Europe without incurring the cost of hotels or campsites.

I have always enjoyed the basic but fully adaptable nature of my van, so when I was asked to test a few campervans, I was keen to see how professional rental agencies would deliver against my own standards.

The two providers who supplied me with the campervans, O’Connors Campers of Okehampton and South West Camper Hire, provided great service and ensured I was comfortable with each vehicle before I left their offices.

But the ratings scored below indicate how each one worked for my personal needs. The majority of rental companies provide campervans on a VW or Fiat chassis with different ‘back ends’. It’s important to consider what your holiday will require before you choose either a modern or classic model.

Some of these differences become apparent quickly once you start driving the vehicles, which can make all the difference to your holiday experience. A precise, direct comparison between the campervans is difficult as each one meets different needs.

The VW California represents everything that is available in modern luxury campervans. Its multiple media connections allow you to link up your electronic devices to the music and BlueTooth systems. It has a built-in refrigerator and cooker, both of which worked flawlessly for me.

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