39 Beautiful Matte Black Kitchen Design Ideas

Dark isn’t the first theme that comes to mind when designing a kitchen. Stereotypical assumptions are of white and bright kitchens, matched by light wood the colour of breakfast pancakes. What if your kitchen broke the mould?

These collection of stunning spaces for cooking, entertaining, and eating are among the sexiest interior design can muster. All divulging in shades of black, navy, or dark brown, they add what white kitchens cannot – a seductive allure that says sleekness and sophistication at the same time. Take a peek at some brilliant interiors on the darker side to see if a darker redesign could be for you.

Almost all-resplendent in black, a few minor elements shine in chrome and wood. Textures do the talking in a matte table under, granite bench and black wood-panelled walls. But having an open approach like this means that every one of your accessories on display – including knives, wine glasses, mugs, cutting boards, teapots, cookie jars, etc. – need to be on point.

Edging closer towards the wooden, this black beauty incorporates white in a speckled floor, white wall and central bench. Rounded black lamps hover over an all-black segment. A monochromatic piece ties it all together.

Take another angle on this kaleidoscopic space, breaking all spatial boundaries. The room tilts as black and white, black and glass alternate in this chic kitchen. Cherry blossoms note the location.

All eyes focus on the two hanging lamps in this monochromatic setting. Adding focus allows smaller elements and a white panelled inset to shine.
Lights play another central role in this zen-inspired cooking space. Black frames white marble, which rejoinders with a landing strip.

Black leaves room for the little details, reducing clutter. As unstructured hanging lights sweep the ceiling, rows of wood and black shelving hold family keepsakes.

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