36 Best Ideas Monochromatic Color Scheme for Bathroom

Monochromatic bathrooms are my favorite. They always seem a bit cleaner, sleeker, newer and more upscale. And did I mention cleaner? Who doesn’t like a nice crisp and clean bathroom? The problem is the styling and decorating. How do we make a one-color bathroom a little less boring a bit more fashion friendly? It’s easy! Just use a one of these 6 ways to make a monochromatic bathroom pop and you’ll be on your way to a more stylish powder room!

Growing up, our next-door neighbor’s home was like a box of crayons. Each room had a color: the red bedroom, the blue bathroom, the green living room. Although it was a very colorful home, the individual rooms adhered to strict monochromatic schemes. Most people don’t design their homes that way, but we do see this a lot in bathrooms. They’re small rooms with minimal furniture that naturally lend themselves to a simple, cohesive palette. Click below for a few ideas.

If you’re feeling bold, then take inspiration from these monochromatic bathroom designs and go for it! These examples are especially daring since the chosen colors are so vibrant – but it could work just as well with more subdued hues. The picture of the green bathroom with lots of mirrors shows how creating some contrast by using white can add interest to the room. This is a good idea since monochromatic schemes can run the risk of being boring. So keep accent colors and neutrals in mind or use a variety in the tonal mix and incorporate some textures or shapes for contrast.

On the other hand, the three other featured bathrooms are slightly different. They use a monotone monochromatic scheme, where the same hue is used in the same consistent intensity throughout the space. Again, patterns and shapes should be kept in mind to avoid the boring factor, but the choice of colors here makes a strong enough statement on their own, so avoiding contrast features actually works. And don’t forget about lighting – it can also play a big role in achieving some depth in such a room. For more inspirations, visit Stone Source and Min | Day.

There’s nothing wrong with black and white as a bathroom colour palette – it inevitably achieves a clean and classic look and it’s difficult to get it wrong. But without a little creativity, this time-worn duo can fall short when it comes to creating wow factor in contemporary settings, or even homes with history. These standout bathroom tiles are sure to amp up the inspiration in your next bathroom reno though, without having to veer away from that monochrome theme we all know and love.

Bold geometric floor tiles are just what this Melbourne bathroom needed to give it some modern appeal – a plain black floor would still be lovely, but would say nothing about the personality of the people who live here. Encaustic cement tiles have an appealing matt finish that stops a bold pattern from becoming too theatrical. Glossy tiles sporting a similar graphic are better suited to nightclubs than a character-rich older home.

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