39 Ideas Style of Garden with a Touch of Arts and Craft

The Arts and Crafts Movement was a reaction to the excesses of Victorian industrialisation. It grew from a desire to revive traditional craftsmanship and restore simplicity and honesty to how buildings and furnishings were made. It also influenced garden design.

We care for a number of Arts and Crafts houses and gardens across designed by the leading lights of the movement. Many of the houses feature interiors by the textile designer William Morris. Arts & Crafts gardens are an approach to design rather than a style. But what they lack in common shape, size, or location, these gardens make up for in individuality, regionalism, craftsmanship, and, most important, a harmonious relationship with the house.

The same considerations applied to the gardens adjoining these homes. Gardens took on a new meaning as an essential component of the house, rather than as a separate entity. William Morris sparked the underlying philosophy for garden design of the Arts & Crafts era. Although he certainly wasn’t a garden designer, his own garden reflected his home’s unique personality.

The first thing you should do when designing a garden is to take a bit of time to decide what sort of garden you want it to be. Then, and only then, with that decision in place, can you begin to develop your thoughts. So begin by closing your eyes tightly and trying to envisage how you want your garden to look.

These top tips on how to choose a garden style will make your garden more beautiful than ever. Choose a garden style and you will create a more focussed and eye-catching space that will be the envy of your neighbours. When you embark on a design for a new garden and choose a garden style, advice from an expert can be invaluable. RHS Gold Medal winning garden designer Heather Boardman is based in The Peak District and has been creating gardens in the north of England for many years.

Her style is traditional with a contemporary twist – while enjoying the clean balanced lines of contemporary gardens, she has a special interest in herbaceous planting and often explores new ways of using this extensive group of plants. Here, Heather takes you through the first steps in deciding which design style is right for you.

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