39 Pure and White Bathroom Decor to Make your Small Bathroom Looks Spacious

In the AS, pure and white bathroom decor to make your small bathroom looks spacioussmall bathrooms are incredibly common, with the average floor space limited to less than 3sqm. It might seem challenging to design a bathroom when you’ve only got a finite amount of space to work with, but using a bit of design savvy, your small space can be both practical and stylish and even appear larger than it really is.

We’ve taken a look at a number of ways to help make your small bathroom look and feel more spacious. From the décor to storage, we have plenty of tips for you to follow that won’t break the bank or result in you whiling away a weekend.

A shower room is a fantastic way to save space in a small bathroom. Removing the bath and building a large shower enclosure will give you plenty of room to move around, making the area look bigger than ever. Every bathroom, no matter how little, can be transformed into a beautiful shower room.

Intelligent design will mean you can enjoy a comfortable space the whole family can use – plus, clever storage solutions will create a clutter-free haven, where everyone can move around freely. If each wall of your bathroom has a patterned paint job or wallpaper, it can make the room seem somewhat cluttered and crowded. Ditching this décor in favour of clean, simple paint will instantly make your bathroom appear far more spacious.

As for the colours you could use, it’s a good idea to choose something light, such as sky blue or pastel yellow. Neutral shades, such as off-white and beige, can work just as well, creating something of a blank canvas which you can build upon, using accessories and furniture to add colour to the space. Simply choose a wall in the room (preferably a blank wall without doors or windows) on which to create your feature. A bold colour will look striking, or alternatively you might choose to create a pattern effect using stencils or wall decals.

If you’re looking to create something a little more interesting, then a feature wall is the perfect way to bring life to the décor without being overwhelming to a small space. Emphasize your feature wall further and show some creative flair by installing a shelving unit. Here you can display ornaments, artwork, or a striking plant, such as a peace lily or cacti, which tend to flourish in a bathroom environment.

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